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Can Paul George win MVP this season?

One of the best Small Forwards, one of the best two-way players in the league, Paul George has finally come back from his gruesome leg injury and he is starting to feel like his old self and even better.
The past season, even though coming from a season long leg injury, Paul George stormed the league and put up amazing numbers and performances. He is without doubt in the best 3 two-way players in the league, the other two being Kawai and James.
George is a player who will be the first back on defense but also the one who can take the last shot in offence and carry the team, he certainly showed that in the previous season.
After his leg injury people thought that he won’t even play basketball anymore but not only that he did, he did it even better than before the injury He carried the Pacers alone in the playoffs and even gave the second seed Toronto a run for their money. The Raptors won the series 4-3 even though some would say the Pacers deserved to go in the second round.
So can George finally win MVP this season? Well there are few things that go in his favor and few that don’t.
Considering how much the Warriors are stacked in offence, BO is expected in almost every game so Curry and Durant shouldn’t play a lot of minutes this season which would result in not so much great MVP stats so that would definitely be a chance for George to show his amazing skills. But, you need to consider Harden and this season Westbrook. Harden every season puts up 27-6-6 and Westbrook without Durant is a triple-triple machine but if George can get the Indiana Pacers to at least a number 2 seed in the East, then MVP is something that is well reachable for a guy with talents.