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zen vs intel price

If Zen is successful, what will happen to the prices of Intel CPUs?

After many years, AMD finally has updates for us in the CPU market. Their newest architecture ZEN should attack Intel’s CPU’s, mostly the gaming CPU’s and the multi core rendering/editing CPU’s.
There has been a leak from one of the ZEN CPU’s and we should feel very positive. Considering the information about the new ZEN on the internet we can safely assume that AMD is finally going to be worthy opponent to INTEL.
So what does this mean for the gaming community?
If AMD releases a CPU that is at least close to Intel’s 6600k or even the 6500 with much lesser price then it will be a fun time to be alive. Intel will have no other option but to lower the prices OR finally give us significant upgrade over the last few generations of CPU’s. Because they had no competition, Intel upgrades their CPU line with 10-15% every generation which is just too little. When the prices go down then will be the real battle between this two companies. People will finally have more options to choose a CPU for their gaming PC because the last few years in that category there was only Intel, you don’t buy high end gaming PC with AMD CPU.
Very close is also the new generation from Intel, Kaby Lake which we don’t expect to have a lot of upgrade over their previous generation, Skylake, 10-15% max so until Intel releases something with better upgrade the question now is this: Will you go ZEN or Kaby Lake? It will definitely be interesting battle and finally some good news for the gaming community.