nextcloud on centos
Nextcloud is a fork of ownCloud, but better. Nextcloud has all of ownCloud’s Enterprise features available for free. Nextcloud is a great solution for a private cloud, contacts management, calendar, file-sync and more. Best of all, it’s free and open source. If you have a CentOS-based distro like Fedora/RedHat/CentOS 7 – […]

How to Install Nextcloud on CentOS 7

One of the best uses for our phones and accessories are for fitness. The compact accessories like the band or phones that can fit into any pocket or bag – today they are essential to every athlete out there. Windows phones and accessories are very affordable and accessible to everyone. […]

7 Best Free Fitness Apps For Windows Phone

Every kid wants to play fun games on his phone. If you are a parent you would like your kid to play educational games instead of fighting, shooting, etc. Here are the best educational games for all versions of Windows (8, 8.1 and windows 10) Connect The Dots Flow This […]

Free Educational Games for Windows