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Are Indiana Pacers going in the right direction to challenge the Cavs in the east

After the sacking of Frank Vogel everyone was surprised about the direction the Pacers were going. He was a great coach who led them almost every year to the playoffs and always were the best challenger for Lebron. Larry Bird stated he wanted faster pace and more scoring which the most surprising thing was hiring McMillan as head coach, not really known for his teams playing at higher tempo.

Indiana have the star which they should and will build around. Nobody expected Paul George to play the way he played last year after that horrific injury and next season he should be even better. He carried the team in the playoffs last season and although he didn’t had any help against Toronto in the first round this season will be different.

Pacers finally got their point guard in Jeff Teague, a position in which Indiana was the weakest in recent years. Yes George Hill is a good player but he wasn’t a true point guard and now with the addition of Teague the future of the Pacers certainly looks brighter.

Another position with trouble for Indiana was the power forward which they addressed perfectly. Last season there wasn’t any good replacement for David West and now with the addition of Thad Young they can finally push the tempo and play with faster pace as Bird wants.

Lastly the kid who surprised us all last year, Myles Turner, is on a great way to be a fantastic player. Already liked by everyone on the Pacers organization and fans he is expected to be the starting center next season and with 1 season already under his belt his numbers are expected to be better.

We must mention the Knicks and the Heat. The Knicks already got Rose which is really big upgrade from their previous point guard and with Noah probably on his way in New York they will be a really strong team.

The Heat already with good players can cause the Cavs problems but with a possible move for Durant they would be the clear rivals to the Cavs but everything depends on where Durant lands this summer and if he goes anywhere in the East, that team will automatically fight for the first seed.