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your number one fitness tip

Your Number One Fitness Tip

Want to know what one of the most important things is when it comes to achieving peak fitness? Believe it or not, it is wearing the right shoes.

You want shoes that are comfortable, for sure, but you also need shoes that provide adequate support to the areas of the feet that take the biggest beating while you are practicing.

For example, if you are a runner, especially over longer distances, you need adequate arch support. A high jumper does not need the arch support but would find a more flexible shoe useful.

Now, if you wear shoes meant for high jumping out on your run, you are risking injury to the metatarsal bones of the foot. Not having enough arch support when you’re running increases the chances of developing stress fractures in these small bones.

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It is also why it is worth spending bit more on your shoes – you don’t want to have your training set back by a preventable injury, and studies have shown that one of the most common causes of injury is inadequate training footwear.

Cheaper shoes also won’t take as much of a beating as your more expensive shoes and will wear a lot more quickly. In addition, they may end up weighing you down because they are heavier.

It’s an interesting point that a couple of the reasons the brand Nike actually came about was because of the need for running shoes that were lighter and more comfortable. These days, you can easily get some good deals on Nike shoes that are not too expensive, last a long time and will take good care of your feet in order to prevent injury. Back in the fifties, your options were limited to shoes that had metal spikes.

These were good for traction, but the extra weight was really a problem. Bill Bowerman saw this and set about designing shoes that also offered great traction but that didn’t weigh as much.

It was a somewhat humble start but now the name Nike has become synonymous with high-performance athletic footwear. Interested in knowing more about this sport’s giant? Have a look at the infographic for the highlights.