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nba national anthem

Do you support Colin Kaepernick with his actions against the national anthem?

It surprised everyone when during the national anthem,Colin Kaepernick didn’t stood up and sat down. Everyone was surprised and he received a lot of critics but a lot of praise also.
Its every humans right the freedom of choice and freedom of speech, especially in the USA so why are people so angry about Colin Kaepernick protest?
Considering everything, most of the people in the USA support Colin Kaepernick and everything he protested about the only problem people had with him is the way he protested. Lot of people got angry at him because they thought he disrespected USA not standing for the national anthem, but as he explained he has no hate about the country or most of the people in it, he just everyone to focus their attention on the wrong doings in the USA and the people to start caring about the bad stuff that is going on.
So, is right to protest? Absolutely yes. First of all it is his right to do so and second he is protesting about a serious problem that is concerning everyone.
Did he protested the right way? Probably not. The problem with the way he protested is that now everyone is focused on him and his actions instead of trying to fix the problem that he was protesting about in the first place.
So what is your opinion? Was he right to do that? Do you support his actions? Tell us your opinion.