A recent Photoshop Battle with a cute little Skating Budgie, where Reddit users try to Photoshop this Budgie into funny situations! From the /r/PhotoshopBattles subreddit, where people Photoshop something into random pictures and funny situations, a skater Budgie got his well-deserved attention. All in good fun. This time, this cute […]

This Skater Budgie Got Photoshopped and It’s The Funniest Thing ...   Recently updated!

A 52-year-old woman from Akron, Ohio starved dogs to death and didn’t get any jail time! Angel Facemire and her husband Richard, who were served with a drug warrant in early March owned several animals, including dogs. They kept them inside, locked away for long periods of time, in poor […]

Woman Starves Dogs To Death – Doesn’t Get Jail Time!

parrot games
Talking parrot games is totally funny game. Real talking parrot will be the best entertainer game for both kids and the adults. This is a real parrot that will be listening to everything you say and it will talk back to you in a funny parrot voice. The real talking […]

Talking Parrot Games