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Which team made the best summer transfers in the Premier League?

Well it has to be Manchester United. The acquisition of Zlatan Ibrahimovic alone is very big transfer alone, but add to that Paul Pogba then the clear winners are United no doubt.

The favorites for the Premier League title are Manchester City which is understandable considering the last 3 years they had a stable club which gave solid results unlike United which the last 3 years were definitely in decline with the bad managers they had.

Another club worth mentioning are Liverpool. They didn’t made big money transfers but they brought in a lot of players and that is good because finally Klopp is shaping the team as he wants which we saw in the first Premier League game against Arsenal. Liverpool are finally starting to look serious and we can definitely expect better results from them and Klopp, as always he will deliver a great attacking game with many goal which every neutral supporter likes to see.

But after 3 games played, it is believed that the title race will be between City, United and Chelsea. Chelsea also made good signings this summer and they upgraded their much needed defense. This weekend is the first big game between United and City and that game should clarify some things about which new manager is in the better situation and finally, is Manchester red or blue.

As always the Premier League is number 1 league in spending this summer with over 1 billion pounds spent which is number that will only go up through the years that come.