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Christmas Gift Ideas for Golfers Who Think They Have Everything

Christmas Gift Ideas for Golfers Who Think They Have Everything

Christmas is around the corner. What do you get the golfer who has everything?

Another pack of golf balls?  An ironic golfer’s saying coffee mug? Not this year. This holiday season, you are going to win the gift-giving game.

Turns out these golf fanatics only think they have everything. Read on to discover some killer Christmas gift ideas for golfers.

Telos Tees

Golf tees are all the same right? Wrong. The technology for golf tees has changed dramatically. If the golfer you are shopping for doesn’t have Telos Tees, it’s a hole-in-one gift

Telos golf tees are crafted from an impact-modified polymer that can withstand the hardest swings. Golf for the entire season with a three-pack of these indestructible tees.

Cooler still is the modifier collar. This collar adjusts on the notched neck of the tee. Now, a golfer can find the perfect tee height for irons, woods, and drivers. This provides a new level of consistency when striking a ball from the tee.

Finally, when the ball makes it to the green, the collar slips off the tee to become a ball marker. Telos golf tees make the perfect stocking stuffer.

Golf Ball Whiskey Snifters

If you are searching for gifts for golfers for under $50, this could be the play. If the golfer in mind also has a taste for the finer liquors, he or she should be drinking from golf ball snifters.

Crafted to give the appearance of a dimpled golf ball, these scream style. At 10oz in weight, they have the quality heft of top-of-the-line whiskey snifters.

This is the perfect way for your golfer to enjoy a drink after playing 18 holes.

Short Par 4 Subscription Box

Every golfer knows that the style of the game is as important as the technique. Golf has a long tradition of unique clothing in its history.

This subscription will eliminate your golfers need to shop for new gear. Each month Short Par 4 will send a box stuffed with the latest apparel. Their selections are fashionable, quality, and performance tested. Look good and play better.

The Golfer’s Journal

Even the most passionate golfers can’t be on the links all the time. If for no other reason, some days it rains. Therefore, the best gifts for avid golfers are those that keep them close to the game even when away from the game.

Consider giving a subscription to The Golfers Journal. This is not your standard golf magazine littered with advertisements and gimmicky articles. The Golfers Journal is a periodical that cherishes the beauty of the game. Each issue is a work of art in and of itself.

An annual subscription is only $75 for quarterly publications.

Perfect Christmas Gift Ideas For Golfers

Hopefully, this guide gave you some Christmas gift ideas for golfers. Check these presents off your list. The only thing that will make your golfer happier than opening them will be testing them out on the course.

If you enjoyed this list, stick around the blog for more cool sports articles.