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Everything You Need to Know About Minimalism

Unlike a huge number of design themes, minimalism is one leading decor theme that continues to be popular, both for high-end interior designers and private homeowners.

So, if you are considering reinventing your home style and design features, you have come to the right place, as here is everything you need to know regarding minimalism and all its fabulous benefits.

What Is Minimalism in Interior Design?

When preparing your mood board to encompass the changes you would like to make in your own home with minimalism at the forefront, it would first help to imagine minimalism as sharing many of the same qualities as modern design.

Specifically, at the heart of minimalism is the concept of removing any unnecessary trinkets, ornaments, and larger items of furniture in a room and concentrating on only the bare minimum; modern design’s simple and clean lines merge perfectly with a pure and clutter-free aesthetic.

How to Make Minimalism Warm and Welcoming

Contrary to popular belief, there are a huge number of ways to avoid a minimalist space appearing too scientific and clinical, and the clutter-free nature can actually provide the ideal blank canvas for creative thoughts and personalization.

As minimalism is usually based around monochromatic color palettes, instead of using color to add interest, you should instead concentrate on utilizing contrasting patterns and texture to add warmth and create a welcoming ambiance.

Textiles, be that in the form of an oversized rug on the floor, linen drapes with heavy woolen throws, or cotton throws folded neatly on the arm of the sofa, are a great tool to ensure your minimalist theme is still friendly and attractive.

The 3 ‘Fs’ of Minimalism

Now you know how important it is to balance space and clean lines with texture and personality in your soon-to-be minimalist room it is now time to learn about the three ‘Fs’ of minimalism, which are:

  1. Form
  2. Focus
  3. Functionality

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What Does a Minimalist Room Look Like?

Take the bedroom, for example.

Choosing to decorate your most intimate room with a minimalist framework will not only make it easier to get ready in the morning but will also serve to help calm your mind and even reduce your feelings of stress and anxiety.

Bedroom furniture should be simple and have no toiletries or other paraphernalia cluttering the surface, and everything should be done to ensure there is as much free floor space as possible. Indoor greenery (plants rather than flowers) is also a great feature of a minimalist bedroom, as is encouraging as much natural light as possible into the space.

Other key features could include simple shelving (the floating, open kind), texture and layering using different fabrics on the bed and chair, and a large mirror on the widest wall.