Your Online Home
Your Online Home

About us

Hi, reader! We’re glad you want to know more about us. We are (obviously) and we want to be your new online home. You already know what you can find here (practically everything).

We started in 2016 and we are planning to do this somewhere till 2072. We are getting better and better each day, so nobody knows what awaits us in 2072.

Our team is full of fun and interesting people. We love to write, we love and we love you. Not if you are a serial killer, though. If you are a serial killer we don’t love you. But we still like you. A reader is a reader, no matter what. We like all our readers, but we only love a portion of them. If you want to join our team and be a writer for, you can. We don’t accept spammy guests posts and we wont let you write for us if your sole purpose is to get a backlink. If you are seriously interested in becoming a writer for, then contact us.

If you really want to know more about us, feel free to contact us via email or on our Facebook page.

If you need to use graphics anywhere you want, you can download them here in higher quality:

feenta favicon

feenta retina logo watermark

We can send you a .psd file or a vector image too. Just contact us.

The font we used in our logo is Arkhip.
Technically, we can even use text instead of an image for our logo, but we can’t really customize it much.

Enough about our logo, though.