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How to Clean Those Commonly Forgotten Areas in Your Home

Having a clean home is something all of us enjoy and it impresses our guests, too! However, even if you have a strict weekly cleaning schedule that you follow to the nail, there are some common areas of your home that can easily be forgotten. That’s why we have written this article; to tell you how to clean those commonly forgotten areas in your home. Your cleaning schedule will never be the same!

Clean Your Mattress Every Six Months

mattress cleaning

Do you ever think about cleaning your mattress? Ideally, your mattress should be cleaned every six months to help protect it from germs. To clean your mattress, remove all the bedsheets, hoover the mattress and tackle any stains with cleaning solution and a damp cloth. The best cleaning solutions for mattresses are non-toxic, such as dish soap or baking soda.

Simply spray the stains with your chosen solution and blot with a damp cloth. To rid your mattress of any unpleasant smells, sprinkle your mattress with baking soda and leave it to sit for two hours before hoovering. Be sure to clean both sides of your mattress so that you can sleep soundly knowing your bed is completely bug-free!

Don’t Forget to Clean Your Curtains

curtains cleaning

Curtains are probably the most forgotten part of your home when it comes to cleaning. However, your curtains collect a significant amount of dust and dirt, in addition to holding onto those pungent household odors. So, it’s important you ensure they are properly cleaned.

To clean your curtains, use the hoover brush attachment to remove all dust and surface dirt. Next, remove your curtains from the window and place them into the washing machine (or hand wash them depending on the labels instructions). Once clean, hang your curtains up while they’re wet so that they can dry effectively without crumbling.

The Humble Shower Curtain

shower curtain cleaning

Do you have a shower curtain? The humble shower curtain is a commonly neglected household item when it comes to domestic cleaning. Perhaps it’s the thought of removing it from the curtain rail or you just don’t have time, but it’s extremely important you clean your shower curtain at least once a month. Your shower curtain is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria, so you must clean it in the washing machine to kill all the bacteria. Once clean, simply replace your shower curtain so that it can hang while drying.

Keep Your Drains Clean and Clear of Blockages

drains cleaning

Cleaning your drains is probably the last thing you think about at the end of a busy week, but it is extremely important. Maintaining your drains with regular cleaning ensures that blockages do not build up by washing away grease, soap suds and remnants of food.

To effectively clean your drains, place a teaspoon of baking soda down the plughole and follow it with boiling hot water. The baking soda will fizz and bubble, cleaning the inside of your drains effectively and thoroughly, while also eliminating any foul odors. It’s easy to maintain your drains too, all you have to do is pour a kettle of boiling water down the plughole once a week.

Your Television Remote Controls are Covered in Germs

remote control cleaning

Do you ever take a moment to think about how many germs may be harboring on your television remote? It’s probably not that surprising to know that remote controls are breeding grounds for bacteria and sit for months (sometimes years) at a time without ever being cleaned! Gross.

Cleaning your TV remote couldn’t be easier! Simply remove the batteries, wipe the remote all over with an antibacterial wipe and there you have it, a completely clean television remote in a matter of seconds. It really is that easy! Just make sure you repeat this process at least once a week to ensure your tv remotes remain clean and hygienic.

What are the Forgotten Areas of Your Home?

We hope you found this article helpful. Are there any areas of your home that you avoid cleaning, or you’ve simply forgotten about? Let us know in the comments below! Hopefully, these tips have reminded you to give your home an extremely thorough clean!

Author Bio

Rachel Kerr is the copywriter for Coastal Drains, a drainage company based in Lancing. Providing all drainage services needed to keep your drains running smoothly, Coastal Drains also provide expert advice on their blog about cleaning and maintaining drains to help avoid any problems in the future.