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martial arts benefits for children

Martial Arts & Kids: 5 Reasons Why Martial Arts Are Great for Children

There are many lifelong benefits for every person training combat sports. But some parents are worried that martial arts are not a suitable sport for children. In this article, we are going to give you 10 reasons why martial arts are perfect for kids.

Helps to deal with hyperactive kids

If you have a child who is hyperactive then enrolling him/her in a martial arts class is a great decision. This can be a way to release excess energy. Therefore, it can help your kid to have better focus in other areas later on – like school. For younger children, more physical activity and less bookwork can actually help to improve academic skills later on. The reason being that excess energy is burned instead of bottled up making concentration difficult if not impossible.

Better overall behavior

Martial arts training can also help your child to have better overall behavior. The reason for that is because combat sports need a serious discipline if you want to do well.


Some added benefits of martial arts are the self-defense training that can help prevent your child from becoming a victim of a crime. Teaching your kid about self-defense is important. Everybody can find themselves in a dangerous situation. However, it’s more likely to react the right way if you are training combat sports. A good martial arts class will teach more than just forms and competition skills. A good class will also teach self-defense skills that your child can use, to hopefully make themselves less of a target.

Health benefits

Besides the benefits of being less of a target for a criminal, and helping to burn excess energy so that a child can have better focus, a self-defense class can have health benefits. Some of the health benefits are better circulation, balance, strength, and flexibility. Also, a typical martial arts training requires doing a lot of cardio. Therefore, prevents from being overweight.   Exercise can help many things including depression, behavior, weight problems and even concentration problems. Exercise done with proper training can have lifelong benefits. Providing your child with a variety of fitness classes including martial arts may help your child to live a longer healthier life.

Good for spending time with your kids

If you take the same classes with your child you may find that your energy levels get better and your own health improves. Also, you are spending quality time with your kids.

With martial arts classes, you will find that you start at your own level then work up, people have started combat sports at many different ages and gone on to do well. There is no age restriction and you can always progress at your own pace.

As a conclusion, we would like to say that doing martial arts can be a very good way to improve your health and your life in general.

Practicing any kind of sports it good. However, martial arts are perfect for all ages because the workouts are entertaining and you are less likely to get bored and then quit.