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Wooden Floors: Why They’re a Better Choice for Homeowners

Wooden Floors: Why They’re a Better Choice for Homeowners

Some people prefer wooden floors for the clean look, and they’ll simply add a rug over them for warmth. Other people who are used to carpets may need some convincing to change things up. For the latter, this may be an uphill battle if you’re a couple and split on which flooring type to get. To help you out, here is why wooden floors are the better choice for homeowners, including those with pets.

Easier to Clean Up Spills and Pet Mistakes

When you have wooden floors fitted and a protective surface added, you’ll avoid any spillages from soaking in. If you have kids in the home, then liquid spills often occur. It’s easier to clean a sticky fizzy drink off a wooden floor than it is to get it out of the carpet. Puppies and even the occasional cat may have a bad day and not make it outside or to the litter tray in time. When pet accidents occur, it’s a major problem with carpets that can stain and retain the unpleasant odour. However, with wooden flooring, cleaning up and disinfecting the spot is no trouble. Check the following link if you’re looking for wooden floors Balham.

Avoid Bare Patches from Pets Scratching Away

Pets, particularly felines, love to scratch at carpeting and pull at it. When done often enough, it will create a threadbare carpet in various spots that you can only cover up with a rug over the offending area. Carpet moths can also damage it with the results looking similar too. With hardwood floors, pets are less likely to scratch them. They may far prefer the sofa’s arm instead! Also, pets can be gently discouraged when they begin to scratch the floor until they learn not to do so.

Increased Longevity

Following on from patchiness or damage to the carpeting, wooden floors have greater longevity too. Their longevity does depend on the wood type, how it’s treated during its life, and whether it’s resurfaced, stained, and polished occasionally too. But most homeowners will get a solid decade or two, at least, from a solid wood floor. For most people, that’ll be all the time they’re in the home before selling up and moving elsewhere. For carpet owners, they’re often forced to replace it every few years due to wear and tear. When comparing the cost and hassle of that process, wooden flooring is preferable.

No Fashion Mistakes

Plain or patterned carpet designs go in and out of fashion, as do colour choices. A bad choice or recommendation when choosing a carpet might be something that you’re stuck with for a few years until it’s worn through and needs replacing. With wooden flooring, it’s essentially fashion neutral. Therefore, there are no concerns about needing to swap it out when redecorating the home. That’s one less task to worry about.

Annual Maintenance Only

The maintenance for vinyl tiles or carpeting can involve sticking the corner of the tiles back down or vacuuming each week. By contrast, there is only annual maintenance needed to repair or buff up wooden flooring. It sustains little real damage over the years. Between those times, it only needs a light broom run across it and the occasional use of a wood cleaner.

For busy homeowners with pets or those who are lacking time, wooden flooring is the obvious choice. It’s low maintenance, needs replacing infrequently, and is easier to clean up after spills.