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6 Best Lawn Care Hacks Experts Swear By

6 Best Lawn Care Hacks Experts Swear By

A well-maintained lawn can boost a property’s curb appeal. In most cases, it even increases a home’s real estate value, which can be useful in case you plan to sell. Either way, the importance of keeping your yard picture-perfect cannot be overstated.

Thankfully, there are some tips and tricks in maintaining lawns that have been passed on from generation to generation. From dishing out beer to get rid of slugs to replacing mulch with grass clippings, you can make sure your lawn stays in tip-top shape without spending too much time or money.

Of course, you must be careful with the things you do for your yard to ensure that it remains aesthetically pleasant and well-maintained. To help you identify which practices are safe for your lawn, here are six hacks for keeping it lush and verdant that lawn treatment experts in Blue Springs, MO swear by:

1. Use Cooking Spray on Your Lawn Mower

Clumps of grass often cling to mower blades, causing a major headache to a lot of homeowners. Fortunately, this can be solved using something that can be found in your kitchen cabinet: cooking spray.
All you need to do is to spray on the blades of your lawnmower and you’re good to go. Of course, you must practice diligence in performing this hack, especially if you own a gas-powered mower that needs to be turned over to expose the blades. Make sure the tank is emptied first to avoid spilling gas onto your lawn.

2. Get Rid of Weeds Along Cracks Using Boiling Water

There are many more natural ways to get rid of weeds. One of the best ones known today is by using boiling water. This all-natural method can be used to kill unwanted growths from root to stem and is sure to eradicate those pesky plants.
Of course, you have to make sure that only the weeds, and not your lawn grass and garden plants, get drenched in piping hot water, else you’ll risk killing them, too. For this reason, this hack is only applicable to weeds growing in between the cracks along the driveway or patio as the boiling liquid will not harm the hardscape.

3. Block Weeds with Newspaper

Speaking of weeds, blocking is another way of keeping them at bay. But rather than buying expensive weed-blocking cloth, you can make use of old newspapers instead.
The first thing you need to do is to spread a layer of old newspapers along the area. Next, place dirt and mulch (or grass clippings, as mentioned earlier) on top of it. This is effective if you plan to start a new garden bed or to just prevent the unwanted flora from flourishing.

4. Kill Weeds with Salt (There’s a Catch)

Mulching is the most popular way of dealing with weeds, but did you know you can also use salt for this lawn and gardening dilemma? Salting is a proven way of killing those unwanted growths, but there’s a catch.
Land that has been salted will no longer be able to sustain plant life for the foreseeable future. This is because salt tends to build up in the soil, which is why it cannot be used for areas where you intend to grow plants.

5. Use Coffee Grounds and Citrus Peels to Prevent Critter Infestation

Aside from weeds, pests also cause headaches to many homeowners who want to maintain a green and lush lawn. If you’re having the same problem in your property, you might want to set aside your coffee grounds and citrus peels to help save your lawn.

The scent of coffee and citrus fruits fends off small critters like slugs, cats, and raccoons. The best part is that these substances won’t harm your garden plants. In fact, coffee can even serve as a natural fertilizer to help nourish the plants, while citrus is biodegradable and can make the soil healthier for the plants.

6. Recycle Empty Wine Bottles into Watering Devices

Don’t put your empty wine bottles in the recycling bin just yet as you can use them in your lawn as automatic watering devices.
After washing them thoroughly, fill the bottles with water. Then, dig up a whole big enough to fit the bottle’s mouth close to a plant and stick the bottle upside down into the soil.
The wine bottle will serve as the plant’s source of moisture to make sure they don’t die of thirst even if you forget to water your garden.

“Hack” Your Way Towards Lawn Perfection

Having a beautiful and healthy lawn is totally achievable, as long as you know the different ways to maintain it. Take the time to do research on traditional techniques as well as modern hacks to keep the grass and plants in your yard verdant and beautiful.
Of course, nothing beats the work of a professional, so don’t forget to get skilled services from lawn maintenance experts when needed.