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knitting with a sewing machine

Wool Knitting at the Sewing Machine – Is This Possible?

Very often an interest in knitting on a machine occurs spontaneously. You want to knit a beautiful knitted dress, and you decided to buy a knitting machine to learn how to knit this cool dress.

Of course, you have to work hard to learn at least the basics of wool knitting on a machine, but these efforts are compensated for by the pleasure of creativity and the opportunity to have unique, original things knitted on the machine. You can read more about sewing machines here.

It can also be noted that buying a knitting machine is an expensive pleasure and prices for new knitting machines are high. All this, including the fact that the operation of the machine requires a lot of knowledge and skills, makes you take the purchase of a knitting machine seriously enough.

It isn’t difficult to buy a knitting machine for home use, you only need to visit a shop selling sewing and knitting machines. Experienced consultants will explain in detail how knitting machines of any company differ and explain the features of each model. Popular worldwide manufacturers of knitting machines, such as Brother, Silver Reed, Toyota, and others, produce many different classes and models of machines, designed for any needs and financial opportunities.

Knitting machine, I must say it’s not at all like a sewing one (many people ask whether it is possible to knit with a sewing machine). Knitting machines are simple, a punchcard and a computer. According to the number of needle bars, there are one and double-faced. By class (i.e. the distance between the needles) household knitting machines can be of 3-4-5-7 class. Also, there are various adaptations for knitting machines. Knitting on modern machines is a pleasure!

But back to the question of whether it is possible to knit on a sewing machine. This is not entirely true. But it’s possible to do some operations on the sewing machine as well.

It turned out that you can sew knitted parts on a sewing machine. It is fast, reliable and doesn’t create voluminous seams. This method is especially useful if you need to sew a lot of small parts knitted with different yarns, for example, for a plaid of fragments.

A few simple tips for those who decide to try this method:

  • Choose sturdy cotton threads.
  • If the stitching parts are of different colors, use a thread of a neutral shade, for example, beige.
  • Make sure that the line goes through both parts. In order for the product to look neat, it is important that the line is straight, within the same row (column).
  • Machine stitching slightly stretches the details, but the knitted fabric “forgives” some stretching. To avoid strong stretching, you can sew the parts with cotton thread or yarn.
  • To prevent the knitted fabric from catching on the sewing machine foot, sew slowly, ensure that the stitched parts move evenly. If this happens, stop and fix the problem.

After some practice, you make sure that you can sew knitted parts on a sewing machine quickly and accurately.

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