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How to form good habits within your care home

How to form good habits within your care home

Keeping your residents happy, enthused, and healthy is something that all care homes ought to strive towards, and yet the reputation is that so many of the care home residents are put into chairs and left in boredom with no real interaction or care to speak of. There is very little chat or banter either between residents themselves or between carers and their clients. TVs may be on but are placed either with their sound down or with some residents facing away from the screen.

This is a shame and gives the care home more of a feel of a waiting room rather than somewhere where its residence should feel that it is home and be comfortable and happy with their surroundings.

Keeping your residents happy

Your residents could be with you for a long time. It is a good idea to have a variety of social entertainment planned so that nobody is just sat around waiting for the day to end, only for the next day to be exactly the same.

Taking part in activities can stimulate the brain and keep it going and working better for longer. By playing games – and not just bingo – you can give social stimulation. You may find that quite a few of your residents have bad eyesight, and some may have difficulty hearing, so the challenge is to find games that they can all enjoy and give them cause for interaction without anyone feeling left out or alienated.

Having your care home well equipped

By making sure that your care home is well equipped, you will not have any cause for turning away clients unless, of course, you have no room. Make sure that your care workers are well trained and can easily demonstrate if asked, how to use any piece of equipment you may have within your care home.

If you find that you are short of any particular type of equipment, then requesting a brochure from a long-established healthcare supplier like is probably a good move as they offer a wide range of products and equipment for the care industry.

Promote healthy eating

It is a good idea to promote healthy eating within your establishment. This is obviously far easier if all the food you offer your residents is cooked from fresh and on-site by your own cook, rather than being brought in ready-made or having a carer step in and do it.

Having a cook in charge of your kitchen and the menus you serve will mean that the quality of food that you can offer your residents will be far better, more nutritional, and will taste an awful lot better to your residents.

It will also prove to those that are paying the care home bill that your establishment is more than worth their money and that their loved ones are well cared for. This will provide your care home with an excellent reputation and probably a very full waiting list too.