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Woman Starves Dogs To Death – Doesn’t Get Jail Time!

A 52-year-old woman from Akron, Ohio starved dogs to death and didn’t get any jail time!

Angel Facemire and her husband Richard, who were served with a drug warrant in early March owned several animals, including dogs. They kept them inside, locked away for long periods of time, in poor conditions, without food or water.

One of the dogs (named Josephine) when found weighed only 35 pounds! She was barely alive, barely could move, and all her bones were clearly visible on her body. Kept in terrible conditions, all four dogs had numerous health problems.

The owners pleaded guilty and got sentenced to only 24 months of probation. No jail time, no monetary fines, nothing. During the 24-month period, both owners are prohibited from owning dogs.

Luckily, the local center “The Humane Society of Greater Akron” rescued the dogs and they all made a full recovery, including Josephine. They are now available for adoption and are waiting for a new hope with a happy and loving family.

The four dogs found at the Facemire’s household are:

  • Josephine found at 35 pounds and now more than 80.


  • Pandora found at 36.8 pounds and now more than 45.


  • Austin found at 48.6 pounds and now more than 75.


  • Preston found at 43.4 pounds and now more than 68.


A big thank you to the CEO and President of The Humane Society of Greater Akron, Diane Johnson, for all her help. Thanks to her and her organization, the dogs previously owned by the criminal drug users Angel and Richard are now safe and living a healthy life.

Even though they didn’t get any jail time (and according to many – they should have), at least then can get checked at any time by The Humane Society of Greater Akron. So they can, and will keep them in check.

Share this and spread awareness for the animal cruelty that is happening on a daily basis! Keep animals safe from abusers!

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