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houston dog rescue story

Most Heartwarming Dog Rescue Video – WARNING: Will Make You Cry

There are over a million dogs left on the street in Houston trying to survive. This is probably of the best stories ever. A heartwarming story that will most probably make you cry.
Pumpkin was a victim of human stupidity. She had chemical burns on her body from someone shooting her with a BB pellet gun. To make things even worse, someone took a picture of her, posted it on Instagram and wrote funny stuff about it, he thought it was funny….really?!?!
Luckily the photo was seen by local rescue volunteers who named her Pumpkin because it was Halloween. But something the picture didn’t show: she had a little puppy with her, covered in flies and struggling to stay alive.
THIS is their rescue story…

This is just one of a million rescue stories that are around the world. This video should inspire everyone to be good towards animals and if the can, help them out. There are too many people who just don’t care and hurt animals every day, it’s our job to help them because if we don’t, then they will be just left out alone on the streets, dying without people even caring. Much like how “itty-bitty” (Pumpkin’s baby) died, because of those careless people. She crossed over to Rainbow Bridge. She’ll be happy there, without those terrible human beings torturing her. As for Pumpkin, well, good news! Pumpkin is healthy and happy, living with other rescue dogs at a beautiful home with a great owner. Share this and spread awareness. Videos like this will motivate people to do good for animals and help those in need of help. Be a better human, help out your fellow (animal) friends!


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