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How to Care for a Puppy

How to Care for a Puppy: A Guide for First-Time Dog Owners

Over 63.4 million households in America own a dog. Are you thinking of becoming a dog owner, too?

Before you rush to pick up your new friend, it helps to have a game plan. Here are the five things you need to consider when learning how to care for a puppy. With these tips, you can make sure your new pup grows up happy and well trained!

Ready to become a first-time dog owner? Here are the five things you need to succeed!

1. Puppy-Proofing

Before you can learn how to care for a puppy, take a look around your home. Is it safe for a curious pup that’s bound to stick their nose where it doesn’t belong? The first step in how to raise a puppy is to puppy-proof your apartment.

Otherwise, a broken vase or chewed cable could end your fun.

Imagine your home from your puppy’s point of view. Look for another they can chew, scratch, or jump on. Try to remove potential toxins, too.

Otherwise, consider getting a gate to keep your pup out of certain rooms.

2. Dig Up Supplies

Before bringing your puppy home, make sure to get the supplies they need. For starters, have a leash and collar with identification. You might want to consider having your pup chipped in case they run off.

About 38% of households have a dog. You don’t want them to get mixed up with someone else’s.

Don’t forget a comfy bed and crate or kennel.

Have bathtime supplies ready as well. You never know what your pup will get into. You can find Soothe-N-Itch dog shampoo here.

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3. Give ’em a Bone

Learning how to raise a puppy requires a bit of a learning curve. To keep them healthy, do your research before buying puppy food. Do you want to use a holistic diet, raw diet, or premium foods?

Consider speaking with another dog owner or vet to determine what food and treats you need.

4. Find a Vet

It’s important to find a vet before you get a puppy as well. You never know when they might need to stop by for a visit.

After bringing your puppy home, schedule a general exam with your vet. Your puppy might need spaying or neutering. Do they have their vaccines?

Talk to your vet about developing a game plan for your puppy’s long-term health.

5. Train and Socialize

When training your dog, remember to remain patient. Start house-training as soon as you bring them home.

Your puppy doesn’t know how to control their bladder and bowel yet. Training can take a few weeks. Help them set a routine to avoid confusion.

After basic puppy training is complete, let them meet other pups. You can meet with friends or head to a dog park. Let them socialize and make new friends!

How to Care for a Puppy: 5 Tips for a Tail-Wagging Time

Now that you know how to care for a puppy, are you ready to bring your new friend home? Keep these five tips in mind. With this guide on how to raise a puppy, you’ll have a much easier time!

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