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pit bull in den

Homeless Pit Bull Rescued During a Storm After Giving Birth to 8 Puppies

Warning: this heartwarming video may make you cry!

In late April during one of the worst storms in SoCal, the animal rescue organization Hope For Paws has received an urgent call regarding a stray Pit Bull who’ve just given birth a couple of days ago.

Hope For Paws immediately went to the reported place where the Pit Bull was seen, driving 3.5 hours during a massive rainstorm.

They searched for the dog throughout a dense bush and found her after a while in her den, with her recently born puppies. Even though the brave mother could have easily escaped, she chose to stay with her babies.

For three months prior to that, neighbors in the area had been trying to save the dog, but she always ran away from them.

Watch the video and see what happens next.

Thanks to the wonderful work by Hope For Paws, the Pit Bull mother and all her babies are safe and ready to get adopted.

pit bull babies

If you want to apply to adopt Rainbow (the mother) or any of her babies: Thunder, Bold, Raindrop, Misty, Flash, Stormy, Breezy or Droplet, please contact

Donate to Hope For Paws if you want to support the organization and help save more dogs!

And, of course, share this so more people can see the wonderful story of Rainbow and how she and her babies got saved!