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Essential Tips For Pet-Lovers For an Upcoming Move

Taking care of a pet can be a fulfilling experience. However, that feeling becomes a pain in the butt when it comes to moving. They quickly get stressed with all the chaos that comes with relocation. Imagine how anxious they can be when there’s an unexpected activity in your home like packing. That said, it’s important to look after your furry friends throughout the transition.

If you want a hassle-free moving experience for your pets, here are the essential tips for pet-lowers for your upcoming move.

Consider state laws and regulations.

When you’re moving pets, you need to consider the state laws and regulations of the place where you want to move in. That’s because every state has an applicable law when it comes to the entry of pets. First, get in touch with the state veterinarian of your destination city to know more about the rules. Moreover, contact the city clerk in your new place to familiarize regulations and license fees for your pet.

Call your current vet.

If you have an upcoming move, call your vet as soon as possible to notify them that you’re relocating. Also, ask your vet to take out your pet’s records and get them checked before moving. List down all the medications your furry buddy needs throughout the process. If you want to find a new vet in your new place, don’t hesitate to ask your current vet for referrals or recommendations.

Update your pet’s information.

To ensure your pet’s safety after you move, you need to prepare and update their tags with their name, new address, and your phone number. In case you can’t be reached, you should include emergency info in their ID tags to make sure they’ll not get lost. It can also be the right time to have a chip identification for your pet since your pet will be living in an unfamiliar environment anytime soon.

Pack early.

Packing can be extremely stressful for your pet. Thus, if you want to have a smooth process, you should pack all your items as soon as possible. Packing in advance can help your pet adapt to the situation quickly. Moreover, it’s a good idea to seclude them to a specific room with their favorite bed and let them stay there until the moving day. That way, you can ensure your pet is comfortable amidst the stress brought about by your upcoming move.

Prepare an overnight kit.

Having an accessible overnight kit for your pet is essential. Prepare their food, water, litter, grooming tools, and toys to keep them at ease during the first few days in your new home. Don’t forget to have a cleanup kit and tranquilizers for motion sickness. If your pet isn’t used to traveling, make an effort to bring them on short trips around the neighborhood.

Provide your pet with a calm environment.

It can be scary for animals to move to a new place because of chaos and motion. The assistance of professionals like Movers NYC may cause anxiety to your pet. However, you can minimize discomfort if you confine them to a silent room. If you’re worried about potential escapes, giving them a calm and quiet place to stay can be an efficient moving plan. After all, you’ll do whatever it takes to help your pet keep their daily lifestyle.

Maintain your pet’s day-to-day routine.

There may be a disruption in your day-to-day undertakings as you plan and prepare for relocation. However, it’s vital to reduce the distraction to avoid mishaps along the way. And to that, you should stick with the routine as much as possible. If your animal is already accustomed to daily feedings and walks, do your best not to disrupt these activities to make the transition much easier for them.

Consider other moving day options.

Apart from the tips mentioned earlier, you may have other moving plans to keep your pet away from the craziness of the moving day. A few days before the upcoming move, contact your friends and ask if your furry friend can stay with them until all items are packed and hauled into the moving truck. Doing it comes with a number of benefits. It’ll be less frightening for the animal if you remove them from the moving scene.

The Bottom Line

Remember, relocating with pets isn’t a simple task. It even takes a lot of patience and effort to make things work for you and your animal. Thus, avoid stressing them out with too many moving tasks. Following these tips, you can give them a move that’s smooth and easy. If you also need professional help, there are some moving companies in NYC out there who have experience in handling a successful pet relocation.