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Can Manchester United win the Premier League?

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After the signings of Zlatan Ibrahimovic and Paul Pogba then definitely can and should win the league. After the first 3 games, looks like it will be a hard fight for the title between Chelsea, City and United although Chelsea are expected to decline later on in the season so they real question is since the title is going in Manchester, which Manchester club will win it?
City right now have the better team no doubt and that is only because the last 3 years they were stable club at the top while United was honestly being ruined by clueless managers. Now that Mourinho is in United things are about to change as we saw from the first 3 games. The players look relaxed and smiling and they obviously have fun playing the game which was the case with the last 2 managers. They attack more often and the attacks are more solid, no more back passed and dull boring game.
The biggest difference maker between the Manchester clubs will be Ibrahimovic, not Pogba. Zlatan, as we all know him, is a guy who can win games alone, who can score whenever he wants, however he wants. He already has 3 goals in his first 3 games so he is on a good way to hit the 30 goal mark. Especially in hard games, such as the one coming, he can be a real difference maker because there is no defender in City that can actually defend Zlatan, with his height and his strength he is definitely the best striker in England right now and maybe even the world.

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