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NVIDIA 1060 vs AMD 480

NVIDIA’s 1060 or AMD’s 480 – Which one is better finally answered

The battle between NVIDIA and AMD about GPUs lasts a long time and will continue to last in the future. Especially at the low-medium end where most of the people buy their GPUs. This year there is no difference from the previous years, AMD released their 480 GPU at the 200$ mark and NVIDIA released their 250$ 1060. At this moment these aren’t the correct prices since every new GPU has its price increased due to demand and the fact that you will get a lot of performance for your 200-250$.


In terms of which GPU is better right now there is no question, the clear winner is NVIDIA 1060 but there are few things to consider.

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First, now and probably in the future, the 1060 will always be around 50$ more expensive than the 480.
Second, right now the games are played with dx11 from which the 1060 benefits a lot, but consider this, dx12 is coming, nobody can say how soon but when it does come, then the things will be very different. 480 has a lot of advantages in dx12 over the 1060 and then, the 480 will be the clear winner so finally 1 advice if you are considering which GPU to buy. You must ask yourself, when are you going to upgrade your GPU next time? Because if you are a person that upgrades GPUs often then 1060 is the card for you, there is no point for you to get the 480 and wait for dx12 and when it finally arrives you change your GPU, but if you don’t upgrade often and you want your card to last a long time then there is no question, the 480 is the right choice for you.