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Where should Ray Allen play if he returns in the NBA?

When you think of Ray Allen you immediately think one of the best shooters of all time. He is the king when it comes to shooting from the 3 point line and we all know how much clutch he is. But now time has changed.
Yes, the NBA is now more of a shooters game but that means that there is more running and more spreading the floor. Now, if Ray Allen was in his prime then every team would fight to sign him now and he would be firing 10 threes every game, but he is not in his prime, far from it. He has 41 years and the question is how much time can he spend on the floor?
Obviously he wont be a starter now or play 30+ minutes but can he play 15, or even 10? Only time can tell. He hasn’t played in the NBA for a while now and his stamina is very much in question. Another thing to consider is his defense. Would he be able to run after players, getting back on defense or even trying? In anyway, at least now you wouldn’t want him to spend his strength on defense when the only thing you sign him is his offense. So what team could benefit from a 41 Ray Allen?
Obviously the first team would be the Warriors. They have a system which is perfect for a 3 point shooter and considering the first team they have and how much BO is expected in their games, Allen may play the most minutes in that team. Another team to consider is the Cavaliers. The will also BO a lot of games so Allen can get his minutes there, also if (when) they make it to the finals, Allen would be a great weapon of the bench, shooting a few threes and helping his team.
So where do you think Ray Allen should play in the NBA?