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7 Simple Ways to Get More Instagram Followers

With the introduction of the internet, online marketing has revolutionized the business industry. Today, you can promote your products, connect with friends and interact with new people around the globe via social media.

That being said, among the 6 top social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, YouTube, and LinkedIn), Instagram is the new king when it comes to social media marketing.

Instagram boasts more than 1 billion monthly active users and a higher rate of engagement than that of both Facebook and Twitter. The reason behind this skyrocketing popularity of Instagram is that people can share photos and short videos on the platform easily.

This is in fact, the main reason why marketers and sellers use Instagram since it’s a visual marketing platform. It helps them build their brands and cultivate a loyal following. But how to get followers on Instagram remains a nerve-racking task to many out there.

In this post, you will learn seven simple but effective ways to get more Instagram followers.

Let’s get right inside.

Create a Concrete Instagram strategy

Getting into any social media platform with a clear strategy leads to wasted money and time. To increase your Instagram following, you need to have a plan that defines the following:

  • Your aim on the platform. Whether you want to increase brand awareness, increase traffic to your website, increase sales and more.
  • Your target audience. Who are you targeting? Their age bracket, Where they live, their work, the time they are active on Instagram, what they use Instagram for, as well the challenges/problems they are facing.
  • What Info you want to pass. This is the story you want to tell your audience. You could want to show the audience behind-the-scenes stories of your store or how you go about the process of making your products.

Invite People

You want to get more followers and so your next step is to invite friends. The good thing about Instagram is that when you create your account, the platform gives you the opportunity to follow and share your account with people you have in your phone as well as Facebook friends. Remember to promote your newly created Instagram account on other platforms you own (Twitter, Facebook, and more). Place the Instagram Follow Button on your blog or website.

Note that this is the area where many people go wrong. Most people will just invite people on their Instagram without telling them why they should follow them on Instagram. So, ensure you give them a reason to follow you.

Define Your Purpose

When signing up for an Instagram account, ensure to define your purpose on the platform. Who are you? What do you do? What makes you the best? This way, it will be easier for people to follow you on Instagram since they will have a clear knowledge about you.

Share Epic content

People like content that informs, educate, engage, and captivates. You need to share such content so that you get more people to like, share and comment. This way, you get to reach more people and hence getting new followers.

Here you will need to refer to our first point above to be able to create compelling content. Remember, without knowing your target audience, it would be a challenge to create great content. Find out who your target audience is and what they like to get on the platform.

Maintain Consistency

The reason why people follow you is that you have already shown them you are the best and so they want to hear from you. Bear in mind that when they interact with your content, they make it visible to their followers too. This way, your reach increases. They like, comment and share your content with their followers which exposes your content to a wider readership.

Post at The Right Time

Well, everyone is busy and your followers are busy too. You have to know the time when they are active on Instagram so that when you post content, they interact with it. Depending on your brand, the posting of content will be different. In this case, you must consider your followers. Determine the time when they are on Instagram. Having all this information about your audience would help you to start testing posting of content at various times and assessing the outcome.

Take Advantage of Influencers

Influencers are people who are famous on Instagram and other social media platforms and they are helpful when it comes to promoting your brand. You do not necessarily need to solely collaborate with influencers in your niche. But remember you can be of benefit to them as you benefit from them. You could offer a free sample of your product to them or give them some offline exposure.

Are you a marketer or a seller? We would love to hear the trick you use to get more Instagram followers in the comments below.