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dont get instagram account banned

Tips To Avoid Getting Your Account Banned From Instagram

We know the topic is a little scary – but yes – it can happen, and your account can be banned for various reasons. Many people are of the view that they can do whatever they want while on Instagram, but like other social media platforms, Instagram has a strict set of rules that you should be following to the dot. Failing to comply with those rules can certainly get you kicked out of the network. But worry not – we got you covered – follow the below guidelines to save yourself from that dreaded thing.

  1. Let’s say you are a new user. You may want to look at a friend’s profile and like or comment on their photos. Don’t do that. Initially, post your content – at least ten stories to start with, but do it gradually and take more than an hour to do it. Once you have, you can comment or like other people’s posts.
  2. Instagram, just like any other social media, will remind you about completing your profile. Do that. Upload your picture and write a short bio. This would ensure people know you are real and not a fake account.
  3. Keep posting photos. Some of the other activity should be there that should show your account is not a spam. At least twice a week, post some content. If you don’t have anything special to post, you can post an everyday photo and say a “hello.”
  4. Don’t like too many posts. Don’t make a series of likes, take time. Remember that Instagram has set a like limit of 350 per hour which you must adhere to. Even if you are interested in buying likes and followers, you should visit Gramblast or an experienced company that does it systematically.
  5. Another activity that’s considered purely scam activity is following a lot of people in a single day or hour. The maximum limit of following is 20 per hour and 7500 overall. So, be wise and careful in choosing whom you follow.
  6. Avoid posting multiple comments of the same nature. It can be even a “Thank you” or text as simple as an emoji. If Instagram detects you are doing this, you may be straightaway put in “detention.” As long as the ‘detention’ is disassociated with your account, you will not be able to comment on anything. If you get an “Action blocked” message, you will need to be careful, as you may be fully blocked from using Instagram. Detention period can be from a few hours to even a few weeks based on the severity of your action.

dont get your instagram account banned

  1. When you are commenting on someone else’s post, make sure you don’t mention users who don’t follow you – this sounds strange but, yeah, that’s how Instagram works – unless of course, they mention you first. This is likely to happen when you entered a contest, and your photo was liked by many, and they appreciate it. While responding, don’t tag more than five people in one comment – provided they are your followers. What about non-followers – well, better not to mention them.
  2. Avoid using both services – and if you can’t, use the services carefully. It’s not a great idea to user bot services for liking or commenting on content, but you may argue that sometimes using the services are useful. That may be true, but make sure you don’t come in the eyes of Instagram.
  3. Never underestimate the importance of following community guidelines. It is a good idea to read those guidelines carefully and ensure that you do not, consciously or unconsciously, take a step that violates those terms or guidelines.

The fact of the matter is that you may want to run your Instagram marketing campaign aggressively, but it is better to be as patient as possible. You need to take time to build your fan following and let others know about your brand. Trying something extra-ordinary too soon can raise a red flag and make the Instagram thing that you are involved in suspicious activities. So, take your time and slowly make your way up to run a successful marketing campaign on Instagram.