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How Do Solar Panels Work Exactly?

How Do Solar Panels Work Exactly?

When it comes to the future of solar panels, the numbers are absolutely astounding. Not only did solar panels have an above 40% jump in the single year of 2019, but they are expected to quadruple over the next nine years.

It is becoming clearer and clearer that solar panels are the future or at least a big part of it. It is conceivable that future Elementary School textbooks will include a section on ‘how do solar panels work?’. Read on to learn a little bit more about this amazing technology!

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Some people have the misunderstanding that solar panels work based on the heat that the sun provides. In fact, solar panels rely on the photons, or light particles, generated by the Sun.

Solar panels set up a structure of atoms to be highly vulnerable to incoming photons. These atomic structures are called photovoltaic cells. When they are struck by the sun’s photons, the photons knock the electrons in them out.

Electricity is really just the movement of electrons, so by knocking these electrons out, the photovoltaic cells can generate electricity.

The basic construction of a photovoltaic cell requires two layers. The top layer is designed to end up with more and more electrons. This will positively charge that layer.

The second layer of the cell is designed to end up losing all of its electrons. That leaves it with a positive charge.

Once the cell has two adjacent layers with opposite electrical charges, it creates an electrical field between them. Wires that run between the two layers are then automatically charged with electricity. This electricity is then siphoned off to charge batteries or run equipment.

Types of Solar Panels

Another thing to understand about solar panels is that there are basically three types. If you want to know what the best solar panels are, it’s not that simple.

Monocrystalline solar panels are the oldest kind. But that age also means that they have been developed to the highest level of sophistication. Polycrystalline solar panels are a newer technology, but one may take the lead as it is further developed.

Lastly, thin-film solar panels are the newest type. They are hundreds of times thinner than the older types of solar panels But are not yet as efficient as the more developed types of solar panels. If you are reluctant to purchase solar panel products as they currently exist, you might change your mind in a few years when thin-film solar panels are available.

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Appreciate Fascinating Solar Panel Science

If you ever wondered, “How do solar panels work?” then we hope that you were able to find something helpful in this brief article on the subject. This fascinating piece of technology will become a bigger and bigger part of everyday life.

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