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7 Best Free Fitness Apps For Windows Phone

One of the best uses for our phones and accessories are for fitness. The compact accessories like the band or phones that can fit into any pocket or bag – today they are essential to every athlete out there. Windows phones and accessories are very affordable and accessible to everyone. We’ll give you a list of the best fitness apps for your Windows phone:

1. Microsoft Health

We are starting off the list with an official Microsoft app. Microsoft Health is an easy to use app with lots of capabilities. One of the many perks are the frequent updates and attention to detail by Microsoft – which is expected because it’s their official app for their phones, although this app is available for Android and iOS too. With Microsoft Health you can track your workouts of every kind, including running, lifting, swimming, biking, even walking. You can track your every step and the app will calculate how many calories you’ve burned, how much time you’ve spent doing the activity and much more information. All of your stats are displayed to you via graphs and charts with a beautiful and understandable design. The data is synced across all your devices and you can access it on the web at anytime

2. Runtastic

The Runtastic team has made several apps for Windows Phone. Having big experience in the fitness field and app design, they are one of the leading developers for fitness apps for all mobile operating systems, including Windows Phone. Starting with Runtastic Me, the app that tracts your activity like any other fitness tracking app out there. You can track your running, strength training, walking or any other activity you do. It uses GPS and it calculates time spent doing any given activity and the calories burned. It has a fantastic user interface that’s easy to use. The Runtastic Pro  has more features like live tracking, voice coach, heart rate monitor, an integrated music player and a lot more stuff for you to check out. Runtastic has several other apps specifically made for certain activities, like Push-Ups, Sit-Ups, Pull-Ups, Squats and Six Pack. They are pretty self-explanatory – an app dedicated to an activity. You can track your progress, learn how to do the activity properly, get tips and participate in leaderboards to see who has made the most progress. We recommend that you check out at least one app from Runtastic.

3. Fitbit

Fitbit is a pretty well-known app in the mobile and fitness world. It’s available for Windows Desktop and Windows Mobile which makes it one of the best fitness tracking apps for Windows out there. Other than the features you would expect like tracking progress and steps and tracking your activity – you get your data displayed in a very beautiful way by graphs and charts. Fitbit has some social features too – like competing with friends, following each other’s progress and direct messaging. All the data is synced and you can view it from your desktop device or and your mobile device. You can connect smart accessories to help you track and manage your fitness activities too. Fitbit has the most features when it comes to windows apps for fitness. For the purpose of not boring you, we highly encourage you to try out the app and discover the many features it offers

 4. MyFitnessPal

MyFitnessPal is available for Windows Phone and it’s a great diet tracking app. It has a large database of more than 3 million foods that you can add to your daily meals or snacks and you can even scan barcodes to directly add a food to your diary. You can track calories, vitamins and a lot more stats for your diet. You can enter your workouts to account for the calories burned and you set your own goals that the app helps you manage. MyFitnessPal has push notifications helping you and reminding you of your diet and progress. All data gets synced up across the web and you can use their web app for just about the same features that the Windows Phone app offers. It has great social features like creating profiles, adding and following friends and more. Definitely works checking out, especially if you want to keep track of your diet.

5. TrackRunner

Although all apps listed in this article are free, Track Runner is a completely free app for Windows Phone, without any ads or in-app purchases. With Track Runner you can, as the name suggests, track your running. Other than tracking your running activities, you can monitor your heart rate via Bluetooth, add your gear (clothes, accessories) and track their performances. You can view stats about your running via charts and tables. Track Runner also has live tile support and works under lock screen which is really useful and helpful while running.

6. Gym PocketGuide

Gym PocketGuide is great for body builders and people with fat loss goals. It’s powered by, the best and leading website for bodybuilders. The app for Windows Phone offers 100+ exercises with HQ videos and images that demonstrate step-by-step guides on how to do the exercise. You can manage your workout plan, track your workouts with a built-in timer and follow pre-made or custom made workout plans. The app is free but offers a PRO version with additional features like OneDrive integration and a BMI calculator. Once you download the app, you can use it offline later which is extremely helpful in cases where your gym doesn’t have a good Wi-Fi access.

7. Endomondo

Endomondo is a fitness tracking app and a leading community in the fitness world. With the Endomondo app. You can track your workouts by GPS and view stats about them in your app or via web. You can share your workouts with friend. For each workout you get a shareable page with statistics, rout information, achievements and much more.  Endomondo offers all the normal features that any other fitness app has – tracking, statistics and planning. But, Endomondo has a large community of users – more than 25 million worldwide. You can challenge your friends, follow their progress and workouts, participate in competitions and much more. The Endomondo app is free for Windows Phone, but they have a Premium app with more features. All the data gets synced up across devices and the web. We definitely recommend checking out Endomondo mainly because of their incredible social features and community.

These apps were some of the best fitness apps for Windows that we’ve tried. There are a lot more apps out there and we encourage you to try out these free apps and find your perfect fit. What are some of the apps that you’ve been using? Can you recommend any free or paid fitness apps for other Windows Phone users?