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Ronaldo sets a new record, becomes the first player to do this!

Cristiano Ronaldo set a new record which is quite astonishing. He is the first player to score at least one goal on four consecutive Euro’s.

Starting from 2004 he managed to score at least one goal on all Euro’s including the 2016. Given his age it’s expected for him to play at least one more EURO competition and if he eventually score again on the next one then that record will be definitely one of the hardest to brake. He started playing at very early age and became a star very fast in his first Manchester United season. Then he continued his excellence until this day and the way he plays we can safely assume he will continue to play good for four more years.

There are a lot of young players on the Euro’s competitions but they hardly even play or even score a goal which makes the Ronaldo record very hard to ever brake. He is often criticized for his performances for Portugal but the statistics say all. He maybe plays bad sometimes but still manages to score which is the most important thing in football.

Fan of his or not, when this kind of record are set we all must appreciate greatness and be thankful for being alive to see the maestro play.