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boxing vs running

Health & Fitness Benefits of Boxing Workouts Instead of Running

Fitness and workout regimes are taking a new twist every day. Forget about the musical aspect of exercising; now there many other fitness workout routines that will help you eliminate the boredom that comes with running on a trend mill or other repetitive workout routines.

One such workout is boxing. Recently, boxing is one of those workout regimes that people just seem not to be having enough of it. This one-time sport has invaded most gym spaces and has become one of the most sort after workout routines thanks to its intensity of workouts and fun. As opposed to running, boxing does not involve repetitiveness and therefore you are guaranteed that at no point in time will you get bored. The other difference between boxing and running is that the former has a lot of elements compared to the later.

The fact of the matter is that boxing has been in existence for many years. It’s just until recently that fitness gurus have decided to incorporate boxing into their workout routine. True to the cause, boxing has far much health and fitness benefits compared to any other kind of workout routine. For boxing, you should consider wearing good boxing shoes. The following are briefly some of these benefits and reasons why you need to consider this workout routine as opposed to your daily run.

Boxing helps with weight loss

Essentially if you are running yourself towards weight loss, the good news is that boxing can help you accomplish twice as much as running will with an additional benefit of you having fun. Cardio or fitness boxing comprises of many fast exercises that essentially help you burn the excess calories in the body as you work towards your weight loss. Some of the most common forms of exercises that are involved in this routine include weight loss bike rope jumping, hitting a trainer’s focus pad, mountain climbers and hitting the heavy bag to name but a few. The benefit with boxing workout is that it helps you burn down a significant amount of calories without jeopardizing your joints as it is with the case of running.

Boxing helps you improve your body strength

Truth be told, you need a lot of energy to kick and punch the heavy bag. Professionally, most heavy bags weigh at least weigh 100 pounds. This is not an easy affair. As if this is not enough, working out with the heavy bag requires you to contact every part of your body. While this is demanding it greatly helps you workout each and every aspect of your body from your legs to your hands as opposed to running which only helps you workout mostly the lower part of your body.

Boxing helps you reduce body stress

Any form of exercise that ranges from medium to intense body activities always helps the body eliminate stress, running too. While this is true , boxing exercises are known to help with body stress more than any other type of exercises. How so? Boxing exercises involve a number of high-intensity workouts that helps you take your mind off your problems thus giving you some peace of mind. Secondly, thanks to elements such as the punching bag you can release all your stressing to it thus allowing you to deal will all your worries.

Boxing is a perfect plan to your fitness goals

While running helps you lose weight thanks to the cardio exercises, boxing helps you achieve a lot more. Through the combination of many fitness exercises, boxing helps you keep your body in shape. Working out the heavy bag helps you build muscle and strength while the skipping exercises help you reduce the fat mass in the body. While this is true, in order for your fitness goal to be in line with the boxing exercises, you will need to top up on these exercises with a proper and balanced diet on your meals.

Boxing helps you better coordinate your body

When exercising you may not be thinking about the importance of proper body coordination until you are impaired in one area or another. Proper hand, eye, and body coordination are very important to the health and wellbeing of your body. Daily routines such as driving and motor skills require one to have a proper body and mind coordination. Unlike running, boxing helps you work on these important skills through a number of exercises. For instance, you are able to learn hand coordination through a suspended speed bag. On the other hand, you are able to develop proper eye and body coordination through focus training.

Boxing helps boost confidence

A good exercise routine ought to be rewarding and one thing with boxing is that it is rewarding. With boxing unlike running, you will be able to feel a great sense of accomplishment and relief after your workouts. The buildup of this essentially is that it helps one to improve their body confidence.

As boxing exercises continue to gain popularity in the fitness industry, a lot is left to be desired starting from the health benefits that come with this form of exercise and ending with its fun-filled activities. The above six benefits are probably some of the factors you ought to pay attention to and if you have not given a thought to boxing as an exercising regime you need to. Visit your nearest gym and talk to your gym instructor about boxing exercises and let us know how you feel about them.