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How to Practice Social Distancing While Bird Watching

How to Practice Social Distancing While Bird Watching

COVID-19 has changed the shape of trends in the world. Amidst dealing with the pandemic and forced to sit back at home, there is no pleasure in enjoying life anymore.

Except for one; birding or bird watching. Whether you are taking a socially distant stroll in a nearby park or just sitting in your backyard or even looking outside your room window, bird watching can be a pleasing activity to soothe these stressful times. It can take your mind off from difficult times and help you relax for a while by just seeing mother nature.

We have brought some tips which will help you watch birds during social distancing.

Take A Socially Distant Walk

All over the country, many businesses, facilities, dine-ins, restaurants, gyms and industries are shutting down and people are required to stay limited to their homes. Luckily, there are some places where you can go and breathe in fresh air. Many parks are still open for people provided that they follow safety precautions. If you cannot find a park, you can take a walk in your neighborhood and enjoy bird watching. All you have got to do is put on mask, have a hand sanitizer and avoid shaking hands with people while keeping a safe distance from others. Wash your hands often and regularly.

Enjoy Birding in Your Yard

One of the most dynamic things about birding or bird watching is that birds can be seen everywhere. From rainforests to local neighborhoods, birds occupy almost every corner of our planet. In times like today, you can take up this new and affordable hobby. Just get a pair of binoculars and pull a chair in your backyard and there you go! You’re all set to watch birds. Even if you are asked to stay inside your home, you can still watch birds from your window. If you have tripod stand, it can offer you a more amazing experience. Many birds are on the move now and might migrate through your area soon so you can expect visitors if you pay attention.

Share The New Hobby with Your Kids

Schools and colleges are closed and kids may get bored real soon. Get your kids into bird watching while it making it an educational and fun experience for them. Sitting back at home and not going to school has greatly disturbed their academic career but you can still educate your kids about new things. Get a field guide and teach your kids to match the birds in the guide with the ones they see through binoculars. Since children always love something new, this new hobby is definitely going to become their favorite one.

Find Feeders and Seeds While Bird Watching

Sometimes, you may need to call the birds. No, we are not asking you to learn some weird bird language but you may need bird watching supplies to attract the birds. You can get bird feeders and seeds anywhere from a nearby bird store and sprinkle it over your rooftop or backyard or wherever you wish to see the birds. You will see that birds will find a spot to spend their time since they are getting food from there. While birds are having their food, you can peacefully set your binoculars and observe birds.

Learn About Birds

It is advisable to stay well-conversed about the hobby you are planning to go for. You would not find any hobby interesting unless you know what you are doing. Bird watching is an easy and pleasing experience but you can make it more enjoyable by collecting information about birds, you can either take help from YouTube or field guide or any other source you find interesting so next time you introduce this hobby to your friends, you have something to impress them with.

To sum it up, you can practice birding without having to worry about health issues because unlike other activities, bird watching is safe and fun.