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The Complete Guide to Creating the Best Digital Marketing Agency

The Complete Guide to Creating the Best Digital Marketing Agency

Digital marketing is here to stay, especially with companies devoting over half their marketing budget to the digital marketing world. There is no question about it.

Most of these companies are also looking for digital marketing agencies to work with them. Breaking into the industry can be a good idea if you’re looking to work on big projects and meet with outstanding clients.

Doing so means you need to create the best digital marketing agency that will attract leads and generate revenue. Yet, you might not know where to even begin.

Be sure to keep reading for our complete guide to creating the best digital marketing agency.

Do Your Research

Did you know you can start and grow your agency with no experience as long as you take the time to research and learn as much as you can? Proving that you know your stuff is more valid than any degree.

Even if you did go to school for marketing, you should never want to stop learning all the new trends and secrets of the industry.

There are some vital things you should know about digital marketing before diving in headfirst. Take some time to learn about content marketing, email campaigns, search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising, and anything else you can learn about in the digital marketing world.

Making sure that you can prove to a potential client that you can improve their marketing is crucial to gaining new leads for your digital marketing agency.

Have the Right Equipment

Small business owners know that they need a few pieces of equipment to get their business ready to launch.

For digital marketing agencies, the number one piece of equipment that you will need is a trusted computer. Check out these computer discounts if you’re looking for one this Black Friday. You’ll be able to find the perfect computer to fit your needs for your digital marketing agency.

Besides a computer, you may want to look into a few digital tools that will help to improve the workflow of your new agency.

These types of tools can help with things like improving SEO, making graphics, email management, social media marketing, and so much more. Sometimes digital marketing tools can cost a monthly subscription, or you can find them for free.

You’ll find that there are very few things you need to launch and grow your agency besides a computer that you can rely on using.

Find Your Niche

Finding your niche is essential for creating a smart business and will help you in so many different ways.

Small business owners sometimes think that they don’t want to tie themselves down to one specific niche. Instead, they want to work with anyone willing to work with them. Doing this won’t help you to get the clients that you deserve.

The digital marketing world can be a competitive place. Choosing a niche and mastering it can help you to stand out amongst the competition.

Your niche will also help you to target clients that you want to work with you. Instead of reaching out to a general audience, you can narrow your search and focus on a particular type of business to become your client.

You’ll find that your target audience will be more interested in partnering with you because you offer what they want.

Once you’ve defined your niche and started gaining clients, then you will be able to have social proof of working with other clients in that niche. Having social proof will show other businesses that you know your stuff and will be able to help them.

Build a Website

Building a digital marketing agency website is the forefront of your business. Your website is one of the most important ways for you to gain the attention of clients and make the sale.

You might be wondering what you should include on a digital marketing agency website. See below for what your website should have to be an effective way to sell your services.

  • What You Do – A giant headline to help you land clients.
  • Your Slogan – Not necessary, but putting a creative spin on your website can help it be memorable and gain more attention.
  • Social Proof – Include testimonials from other clients or a list of big companies that you worked with from the past.
  • Statistics – Adding a list of stats from previous campaigns can help to show how effective your work is.
  • Call-to-Action – Let your potential clients know what you want them to do by including a CTA.

Building a website can be difficult if you don’t already possess the skills. Hiring a freelancer is sometimes the best option to get this part done and out of the way.

Establish a Portfolio

When you’re starting your digital marketing agency, then chances are you’re not going to have a lot of social proof or a portfolio to show potential clients. Not having anything to show potential clients means that they’re not going to know if they can trust you or your work.

Now you might be asking, “how do you establish a portfolio as a brand new digital marketing agency?”

Some agencies decide to offer their skills to companies for free or for a low cost to start building their portfolio. Doing this will help you to get your name out there and gain more clients.

One thing that you should note is that once you offer your services for free, then it is going to be tough to transition that company into a paying client. They’re already going to see your work as a free service, so you might only want to work with businesses for free for a limited amount of time.

Once you’ve started gaining client testimonials, headlines, campaign statistics, and any other proof for your digital marketing agency, then you can start building your portfolio.

Generating Leads

Now you’ve done all the background work to launch your digital marketing agency, so it is time to start generating leads. As a brand new agency, this can be one of the most frustrating and stressful times, but don’t let it get to you.

Your first client is out there and waiting to work with you.

There are several different ways that you can market your digital marketing agency to generate leads.

Create YouTube Videos

Video marketing is a great way to promote your services as long as you use it properly. Start by making compelling and relevant videos dedicated to your niche.

Making helpful content such as how-to, behind the scenes, or even review videos can help to target the right clients.

Blog Posts

Similar to video content, yet in written format, blog posts can help to draw your clients to your website through engaging content. Make sure that you’re optimizing your content for search engines, as this is the best way to get organic traffic to your website.

Cold Calling or Emailing

Since you already know what niche you’re devoted to, then attempting to cold call or email is a magnificent way to generate leads. Reach out to different companies and see if they’re interested in your digital marketing services. It is surprising to see how many clients you can get by reaching out to your target clients.

Landing a Lead

Once you have a lead on your hook, you need to figure out the best technique to get them to bite. Doing so is vital if you’re starting your agency and don’t have a way to show off what you already can do.

Try to spend some time researching the company that wants to work with you. Knowing the ins and outs of the company and the person you’re meeting with can help to impress them.

Look into what kind of content they are posting right now and where on the internet they’re posting it. See if they’re using email marketing or run any campaigns.

You can also look into the person that you’re meeting by checking out their LinkedIn profile. Knowing how long they’ve worked at the company is a reliable place to start.

Knowing these things can be valuable if you are looking to connect with the person. Most meetings will require a bit of small talk, and by doing research, you will know where to start.

Having a bit of background on their company will help to give you more knowledge of why your digital marketing agency should land the job.

Creating the Best Digital Marketing Agency

When you create the best digital marketing agency, you get to make all the big decisions because it is your agency. Making big decisions can sometimes be a good or bad thing because you reap the rewards yet also suffer the losses. Doing this is what comes with starting your own business.

Be sure to do what works for you. Getting stuck in the planning cycle of your digital marking agency can be detrimental. The number one thing to do is to start.

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