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The Complete Shopping List For Your New Dog

I see a perfect win-win situation. Yeah I am talking about you and your welcomed member in your family; the new dog. For both of you it’s a beneficiary situation like you’ve got a new partner to live with and the dog has got a new shed of blessings over its head.

So to make the whole thing easy and comfortable for it you must ensure a better way of taking care of the dog. And trust me it requires a lot of things which will help you to make sure the comfort of your dog. Starting from the collar to a chew resistant dog bed; the list is not so short that you can easily keep in your mind.

Again if you are new to have one at your home then it must be very tough for you to choose things that are actually needed for the dog. To keep that in mind I have decided to make a simple list comprises of the important things that you must buy for the new member of your family. So let’s check the list:

Of course, a collar, and then a leash

Collar is the first or might be the predefined thing for a new puppy. Sometimes we choose beautiful dog collars before owning a new dog. So I know how much passionate we are about dog collar.

Go for a colorful collar that matches your dog’s skin color. Most importantly be careful about the quality of the collar. If your dog is small and kind of vulnerable then buy a soft material collar. If it’s big then strong one because it might take some time to catch up with the dog. Before that a strong collar will help you to control the dog.

And the leash. It is important to have one if the dog is new because you will spend times keeping track of her. So a comfy leash will help you out in that case.

TIPS: It would be better if you add any identification with the collar. Because new dogs can run away. So it will help you to find her back.

Nice food and water bowls

Feeding is important and we know that very well. It would be nice for the pup if you buy a beautiful food bowl. The most common types of food bowls are plastic made, ceramic or glass made and stainless steel food bowl.

Plastic ones are most affordable and sustain long time. But due to its lightweight dogs eventually play with it. There are some ceramic built food bowls which are heavy and serves very well. But ceramic is breakable and you know small accident can happen anytime.

To me the best option is stainless steel made food bowls. Unfortunately it is the costlier type. It would be best for the dog if you can afford that.

TIPS: Make sure the bowl is dishwasher safe. Otherwise the bowl might become unhygienic very soon for the puppy

And a dog bed

Oh the sleep! You will see your dog most satisfied while sleeping. To ensure that you must need a comfortable dog bed. You see the dog beds are meant to be chew proof. If you’re planning to keep your pup on a normal soft cushion then you might be thinking wrong. Dogs especially new dogs are prone to chewing the beds a lot and of course the scratches which will result in abrasions of the bed.

So you have to choose an indestructible dog bed so that you won’t need to buy new beds frequently.

Grooming Utensils

You have to be pragmatic while caring about your dog. Only loving and feeding is not enough. You must be careful about its health and to ensure that cleaning is the most important thing. You have to clean the puppy regularly and to do that there are some utensils that are required.

First of all a Comb and a Bristle Brush in order to brush the dog. If the pelage grows big then to groom those unwanted pelages you will a need Slicker Brush. Then use good shampoo and conditioning spray to wash the puppy. You will need to have Towel to dry the dog. If possible you can go for a Blow Dryer to dry her after bath.

Obviously Nail Clippers to cut nails and you must cut the nails regularly. Lastly Toothbrush and Dog Toothpaste to clean the teeth.

TIPS:  Store Styptic powder at your home as it is needed when dog’s nail gets broken. This powder will help to cure the wound

Some toys

Buy some beautiful toys for your dog. You should buy stuffed and fluffy animals that can be played with. The baby dogs are willing to chew a lot so buy some food-grade rubber toys and of course some balls.

So that was the list. I hope you will find trouble no more with your new dog in your family.

Happy Puppy Time!