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7 Tips to Give CBD to Your Dog

CBD stands for cannabidiol which is a substance found in Cannabis and hemp plants. Most people believe that CBD causes tendencies but that’s not the case since CBD doesn’t contain THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). Actually, CBD causes a calming effect on dogs.

CBD can come in handy to help calm your dog when taking him to the vet or as a pain reliever. The fact that you’re considering giving CBD to your pet means that you’ve moved past the fact that it’s not federally legal. CBD oil has become very common to vets and dog owners since it can cure some afflictions such as anxiety as mentioned above.

However, since CBD oil is some form of medication, some dogs may not readily accept it without a struggle. But before we go to some tricks on how to administer CBD oil, let’s have a brief overview of its uses.


I’ve experienced anxiety once in my life and it’s awful. I wouldn’t want that for my worst enemy, let alone my favorite dog. Dogs experience anxiety especially when their owner is leaving.

This leads to dogs experiencing some symptoms such as pacing, urinating and chewing. Giving CBD to your dog can help him or her deal with the anxiety.


Just like it is the case for humans, dogs may lose appetite due to Nausea. CBD helps to reduce nausea in dogs by treating the digestive issue he or she could have.


Arthritis is accompanied by chronic inflammation that is painful and slows down the healing process. CBD helps relieve the pain and soothing the inflammations in the joints.

CBD also helps to treat seizures and reduce the frequency of them happening. In some cases, CBD oil for dogs has been known to prevent and fight cancer. Most diseases have the same symptoms such as chronic pain, nausea, anxiety, loss of appetite among others. Generally, CBD oil is very instrumental in dealing with all of these conditions.

However, CBD oil is not readily accepted by most dogs. Some dogs are very picky and won’t readily accept to take the oil considering it to be some form of medication which it is. Now that we know some benefits of CBD oil we would really want to know how to give the CBD oil to dogs safely and successfully.

Well, read through to get some tips on how to give CBD oil to dogs:

  1.    Use some soft sticky foods – In order to successfully give CBD to your dog, you can soak it into some soft foods such as peanut butter or meatballs for a few minutes. Your dog’s favorite foods may be a good place to start since, as I mentioned before, pets are picky. Try different foods until you find the best fit.
  2.    A problem shared is a problem solved – I’m not sure this saying applies here but what I meant was that, if you have about two or more dogs in your house, you can bring them together and offer them treats. It’s true that some dogs won’t mind what they’re eating when there’s the presence of another dog.
  3.    One of the most common ways to offer oral medication is to pour it directly to the dog’s throat. This works perfectly for most pets and it’s easy to do. All you need is a dropper; you open the dog’s mouth and pour in the CBD.
  4.    Another way to give CBD to your dog is by pouring it on your dog’s favorite treat and flip it so that the dog doesn’t suspect. All you need are a few drops and, make sure that the dog doesn’t smell the oil. I think you know what happens next if they suspect what you’re doing.
  5.    One method that I came across recently is accidentally dropping some food containing the oil and make the dog think it scored. You can do this when feeding the dog or when or when cooking. When the dog comes rushing to snatch the food it may not realize that it was containing the oil. This method works even for other forms of medication.
  6.    Another way to give CBD oil to your dog is to use distractions. All you need is good timing, find out when the dog is too distracted and give the oil directly or hidden in some food.
  7.      You can pour it on the dog’s paws. It may not always work for dogs as it does for cats but it has some success rates. The concept behind this is that in one way or another they will lick their paws.


CBD oil has a lot of health benefits to dogs when offered at considerable amounts. In this article, I have shared some vet-approved methods of how to give CBD to dogs especially when you have the picky type. Feel free to try them out and share some more when you come across some. Remember, if you note some unusual behavior after giving CBD oil to your dog, consult your vet.