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Can Manchester United win the tittle this year with Mourinho?

After the great Sir Alex Ferguson retired, Man United went down a lot. They started playing just awful and weren’t so attractive destination for superstars as before.
The 3 years that United were without Sir Alex they managed to win only 1 tittle, the FA Cup last season and when you consider their history, the players they have and the money they’ve spent that’s just too little.
Now with Mourinho everyone in United is feeling confident and happy for several reasons.
First, now that LVG is gone United can go back to their attacking style with was lacking the last 3 years. They certainly got the talent to do that and now with the addition of several new players things are starting to look good again for the United fans.
Second, Mourinho is the type of guy that knows what kind of players he needs and with the lack of Champions League this season, he is a guy that can still attract superstars and amazing players. He is also very good tactician and even when not the favourite, his teams often were the winners.
Lastly, the record of Mourinho speaks for itself. He has basically won everything with every club he has been in. Especially, in the Premier League, Mourinho has the best winning percentage in the history, even better then the great Sir Alex.
So what can we expect from Manchester United this season? Well most certainly they will be contending for the title, they have the players and now they have the best possible manager for that job so thing are about to be very good for the United fans.