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3 Must Have Pieces Of Boxing Equipment

Boxing is a great sport, a good way to get out some aggression, and a fantastic way to stay in shape.

However, there are some must-have pieces of boxing equipment including some amazing MMA gloves featured in this review, and it’s what we are here to talk about in this article.

1. Hand Wraps

One absolutely essential piece of boxing equipment that you need to have is a hand wrap. All too often people think that they can just go out and box, even just train, without hand wraps. This is a big mistake, one that we always recommend avoiding at all costs. Hand wraps are essential for boxing, at least if you want your wrists and palms to stay in good health. Boxing can be very bad for the wrists, because all the high impact causes the bones to rub together. It also causes the wrists to lose their positioning, and more.

This is where hand wraps come into play. Hand wraps help support the wrists and keep them securely in place at all times while you are boxing and striking. They help keep the wrists in place, they help absorb some impact, and they prevent your wrists from moving or bending in such a way that would otherwise cause injury.

You definitely want to invest in some high-quality wraps, even if you are just hitting the bag. They can help prevent pain and injury when boxing. It is important that you use wrist and hand wraps, because injuring yourself from a single boxing session where you neglected them is absolutely possible.

When you are looking to purchase hand wraps, make sure that they are made of sturdy and durable materials and a good type of fabric. There is no point getting hand wraps that are going to disintegrate after just a couple of uses. Ideally, modern ones will also come with Velcro for easy fastening and removal. Make sure you get hand wraps that are fairly soft as well, as there is nothing worse than a wrap that keeps irritating your skin.

2. Boxing Gloves

Of course, you simply cannot box without boxing gloves. Ok, sure, there is such a thing as bare-knuckle boxing, but that is very dangerous, both for the people punching and being punched. If you were to take part in a boxing match, but did not use boxing gloves, it would not take very many strikes for the bones in your hands and fingers to be totally broken, and it would not take very long for your face to end up black and blue.

This is why all legit boxing associations require the use of protective boxing gloves. These gloves are intended to make the sport a bit safer by cushioning the repeated blows to the head and the body, and of course, to keep the fingers and hands in working condition. Do keep in mind that there is a difference between sparring gloves and competition gloves. Sparring gloves are generally much bigger, heavier, and more heavily padded than competition gloves, which is for good reason, because you will spend much more time sparring than actually fighting.

When buying boxing gloves, make sure that you buy ones which are made of durable materials and look good, too. Another important thing to look for when buying boxing gloves is the thumb. You absolutely want a pair of gloves which has an attached thumb, as bent and broken thumbs are regular boxing injuries. Moreover, make sure that the Velcro or rope fastener at the wrists is fairly easy to work with.

Furthermore, this goes without saying that boxing gloves come with a heavy bag to punch with and a heavy bag hanging brackets like the ones featured in that article to keep it in place.

3. Boxing Shoes

Another vital piece of equipment you need for boxing is a good pair of shoes. You might think boxing is all about your hands and how fast you can throw punches, but there is more to it than that. When it comes to boxing, something we have learned from the greats is that you need to be really quick on your feet. If you cannot move your feet quick enough, you will end up eating a whole lot of fists for dinner. This is why a good pair of boxing or cross-training shoes are so important.

First of all, when buying shoes for boxing, you need to make sure that they are very lightweight and breathable. You cannot box in shoes that are not ventilated and are as heavy as bricks. That just won’t work. Something else to look for when purchasing shoes for boxing is if they have a good bounce back, energy transfer, and arch support. They need to have good arch support to prevent pain, and they need to have good energy transfer in order to provide a springy step and quick movements. [Text Wrapping Break]

Other Important Boxing Gear

There are a few other important pieces of equipment which each boxer needs to be safe and successful.

  • One thing that every boxer needs to have is a good mouth guard. This is a sport that involves being punched in the face, so anybody looking to participate better get a good mouth guard to protect those pearly whites.
  • Another thing you will need is a good pair of shorts. Many people underestimate the value of a good pair of boxing shorts. They should keep you cool, comfortable, and mobile.
  • If you are really serious about training to become a boxer, you will need to get yourself a stopwatch. You need to be able to time yourself in various respects to become a legit and successful boxer.
  • Yet another piece of equipment which every good boxer in training needs is a skipping rope. These are great for helping you be quick on your feet, increasing agility, and for improving cardiovascular health.


As you can see, there are not too many things that you need for boxing, but the few things you do need are very important.