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Did Portugal deserve to win EURO 2016?

Besides winning the EURO, Portugal did another “amazing” thing in the competition. They managed to win it all by just winning one game in regular time.
Portugal received a lot of criticism about their style which was most of the time defending and attacking the opposition goal with counter attacks. Now we must mention that Portugal by all means were not a full on defensive team like the smaller teams usually play against the bigger ones, they were just not rushing things and waiting for their opportunity.
One thing we must ask ourselves, did Portugal had a team that can push the opposition for 90minutes? The answer is definitely not. Because other than Ronaldo, Portugal doesn’t have another superstar. Sure, they have a lot of good and talented players like Nani, Quaresma, excellent defender Pepe and a very good goalkeeper but they lack superstars.
The final was very “controversial” as neither side showed a greatness which would deserve the win. France had their opportunities but missed them as Portugal did also so the score was 0:0 in regular time. Portugal were also a little lucky because if Eder didn’t scored the winning goal and the game was decided on penalties then nobody knows what would have happened, France could have been the winner but again, people would still criticized their game also as they surely could have done better with all the talent they got.
Bottom line is this, good or bad playing style Portugal did win it, they did managed to win against a lot of other countries and we must respect that as it’s definitely not easy thing to do.