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Underdogs with the Best Chance on The 2018 World Cup

The World Cup is a very special event that the whole world is waiting for. It happens every 4 years and that, among others, is just 1 of the reasons why it’s so special. Another reason why it’s so special is that it’s very hard to qualify for it. Even the qualifications for the World Cup are special when it’s game time every fan that is on the football stands watches and cheers for the whole 90 minutes, even the fans that sit by the TV in their homes.

One thing about the World Cup, or any sporting event for that matter, is that everyone loves a good underdog story, just remember when Greece won the Euro Cup, what a story that was. Betting on the 2018 World Cup for an underdog gives you a lot more money than actually betting on the favorites.

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With the following underdogs, you actually have very good chances of winning:


This World Cup is being held in Russia. This is very interesting because actually, Russia is one of the underdogs that could make some noise in this tournament. They do not have great players but they are good enough to battle with most teams and give them a run for their money. The cheering of the Russian fans and the fact that they play in the home country should give them a good boost and maybe even take down some of the favorites.


Another underdog that should be looked at is Egypt. With no offense to the players, but there is a reason that Egypt is an underdog, they are not exactly the best. There is only one reason why Egypt even as an underdog has a chance to get far in the tournament and that is Mo Salah. For those who don’t follow Premier League, Salah is a player for Liverpool and he has been voted for 2017/2018 Premier League Player of the Year. The success he has with his club is record-breaking, he literally broke the record for the most goals scored in the Premier League. But why is one player so special that could take his country far in the World Cup? Because, ever since the Ronaldo & Messi’s dominance began, he is the first player that could actually break their dominance and win the award for the best football player this year, he is that special.


Lastly, Portugal. Yes, Portugal and not exactly underdogs as Egypt and Russia but they still don’t have good chances of winning this tournament, other than Ronaldo they don’t have other “very special” players but have good enough to support him. Portugal is basically in the same situation as Egypt, one very special player that will lead the team but with a much better supporting cast. Also, it’s not crazy to think this will be last World Cup for Ronaldo. Obviously, he wants to retire as the greatest player ever, he already has a Euro Cup but winning a World Cup will definitely put above Messi and as the greatest ever. Portugal already has the experience of playing in big games and big moments from winning the Euro Cup so that certainly gives them an edge and they are definitely the team that nobody wants to face in the road to the final.

So take these three teams into considerations when watching and betting on the 2018 World Cup. What’s your favorite? Who are you going to bet on this year? Leave a comment below.