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How To Overcome Your Fear Of Flying?

How To Overcome Your Fear Of Flying?

Our World is truly a very beautiful place. Travelling is what enables us to see the aesthetic charm of nature and the world around.

But, for some, the thought of traveling by air seems absolutely daunting and scary. This anxiety limits the world around them and their horizons.

Are you afraid of flying? Don’t worry!

The good news is that fears can overcome. Moreover, they can also be converted into excitement.

How Do People Respond To Their Fear?

The way you respond to fear of flying is a key step in overcoming flight anxiety. Some people respond to their fear by suppressing the thought of flying in some way or the other.

While others with a flying phobia still want to get over it. As according to them, they miss a lot in life so, they keep trying the ways to become unafraid of flight.

Many fearful fliers continue to fly hoping that opposing their fear will help to overcome it.

How Fear Of Flying Is Maintained?

Fear of flying is maintained by three main factors:


Nervous fliers experience a lot of anticipation and dread in the weeks and even months ahead of a scheduled flight.

What happens when flight crosses your mind? You become Frightened – Right?

This is because you get a picture of catastrophes whenever you see a plane.

Oftenly, this anticipation causes sleep loss and even people cancel their plans to fly. So, the key step to overcome the fear of flying is to relieve the negative influence of anticipation.


The more you will feel the fear, the more you will be unable to fly.

They will find relief by canceling a flight and scheduling another driving vacation. This avoidance will further lead to a vicious cycle. As people will feel the avoidance has protected them in some way which will make them more phobic over time.

Reversing the avoidance is a step which will help you in overcoming the fear of flying.

Fight Your Fear Of Flying

May fearful fliers manage to fly and often it’s a baffling problem.

For example, I remember a person who told me about his flight journey of 100,000 miles. For him, the last mile was scarier than the first.

Facing your fear is the key to overcome it as soon as possible.

Still Thinking Of Overcoming Your Fears?

Continue reading this blog to get more information about the same.

Focus On Self Growth

Facing your fears and exploring the world will seriously help you grow as a human being. Imagine! How would you feel when you will face your fear and start exploring the world?

Wonderful- Right?

No one can take this achievement from you – it is yours forever.

Self-growth happens when you take part in the things which scare you the most and get you out of your comfort zone.

Think For Alternatives To Confront Your Fears

For some fearful flyers, their fear has become insanely paralyzing.

Whenever you feel like giving up due to fear – ask yourself – “Is there an alternative to confront it?”

Alternatives could range from getting out of your comfort zone to facing the deepest fears. Try to analyze scarier alternatives. As this will help you get a much better perspective.

Turbulence Is Not As Dangerous As You Think

Turbulence is one of the main fear several fearful flyers have. However, moderate and severe turbulence is very rare.

Severe turbulence affects 0.001% of the flights and is also very short lived.

Apart from this, the pilot usually plans a flight route by keeping in the mind the weather maps to avoid severe turbulence.

QUICK TIP: Book your seat at the front of the plane as there are fewer movements towards the front of the aircraft.

The Bottom Line

Overcoming the flying fears doesn’t require years of therapy.

Get yourself enrolled today in fearless flying courses offered by in Europe. It is an excellent way to get rid of the fear of flying. These courses have been running since 2012, delivering high success rates.

In the classes, you will be taught about powerful coping techniques to overcome a fear of flying. Moreover, you will be guided to replace the negative thoughts of flying with positive thoughts.