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6 Things New SEO Research Reveals About Content Marketing

The closeness of SEO and content marketing is so deep so much that there are unending questions about the existence of one minus the other, especially since the two spaces are attracting the use of common terminologies.

However, while SEO is majorly focused on securing positive SERP reports from search engines for higher rankings, content marketing is channeled towards creating relevant content for your site and pushing it to attract more circulation.

As the two are profoundly intertwined, newly done research on SEO has shed quite some light on content marketing, and enlisted for you here are 6 useful facts to note from the research conducted:

High competition for content consumption

The nature of the world today is that everyone using the internet has content they would want to share. There is an abundance of the supply of content all over the internet space than there is time for and consumption.

Nonetheless, the competition is fiercely evident in common fields where most people are venturing into like fashion.

This means that there are unexploited fields as pertains to content marketing, which is a good space for marketers to dive into.

The needs of the users should come first

A study shows that even the most optimized sites can fall short of the desired results because of a mismatch with the users’ needs.

Today, users are evolving and a mind of their own, with unique preferences and needs in the different assortment of industries. Well created content is therefore as relevant as its service to the user.

While optimizing for a site, content marketing should focus on reaching out to the intents of the users by underlining their keywords in searches, which are to be tailored to the content.

Content optimization is the best approach for SEO

Even as SEO covers a wider base of optimization for a site, newly done studies show that quality and appropriate content creation and marketing is the best method to optimize your site for search engines.

Truth to this fact lies in the knowledge that people are interested in what you have to say, rather than what your site’s URL is.

The trick is exercising value provided to the audience rather than chasing rankings in search engines.

Search engine optimization is key for content marketing

Even with so much interdependence between SEO and content marketing, research shows that the underlying success of content marketing is as a result of search engine optimization.

There is still a substantial amount of traffic drawn from search engines because people still rely on their searches to find the content they want, which means that content can still be amazing and have very few consumers if SEO isn’t done right.

Text-based content is not sufficient for content marketing

The use of multimedia messages is receiving a lot of responsiveness on the internet today. The rise of image-based social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest is gaining popularity among users, and should shed some light on the state of content marketing.

New SEO research shows that images and GIFS are actually getting a higher number of clicks in the search engine results than text pages do, which means multimedia messages are more prominent and preferred to text-based content.

It does not imply that quality text content should be avoided, rather that variety is of key importance in successful content marketing.

A lot of content still remains un-optimized

Despite the fierce advancements constantly introduced in technology today, there still exists a lot of content that is un-optimized.

Businesses and individuals like bloggers are readily releasing new information on the internet and making no effort to optimize their content, which creates an overflow of content available online that has not been read.

SEO remains a key area for driving traffic to a site and for content marketing, yet ignorance remains prevalent among people. Although this means more opportunity for your site, it is a shame that so many people are still resistant to change.

Content marketing is an active space for people to pursue, and requires a fresh versatile mind to keep up with the changes and pressures of adjustments and advancement of this territory. The good thing, the internet is such an amazing source of information, and new research being conducted can come quite in handy in addressing your emerging concerns on SEO and content marketing.

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