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health benefits of travel

The Health Benefits of Travel

Han Christian Andersen’s once stated, “To travel to is live.” And he couldn’t have been more accurate because traveling (for pleasure), along with being a fun, exciting, and amazing experience, can actually do wonders for your health. Many studies over the years have highlighted the health benefits of travel. Let’s find out what they are.

Less Stress

We live in a world that that is constantly moving, time never stands still, and we are always under pressure to meet deadlines. After a few days on vacation, studies have found that individuals feel more in control of their lives and so they start enjoying their surroundings, letting them relax and achieve a psychological detachment from their jobs. Their levels of stress decrease immensely, lowering cortisol levels helping them feel more calm and happier. When you travel, you can say goodbye to stress and start enjoying a more relaxed life.

Happier State

How can seeing a beautiful sunset by the sea not make you feel happy? Or seeing a mama bear with her cubs waddling through the forest not make you smile? Traveling shows you a different side of life. You get to see how people live their lives and help you reflect on your own life. Experienced traveler and CEO, Michael Hutchison, of inCruises has said that he believes that travel can change the world because it brings good people together. When you take a vacation, you get to meet new people from different cultures and see how you can do things differently in your own life.

Learn More About Yourself

Being out of your comfort zone can help you discover things about yourself that you would never have known if you stayed at home. When you travel, you encounter different situations like asking for directions, trying new foods, or meeting new people. You are presented with different opportunities to do something different and explore things that you are not used to. Learning about yourself and accepting yourself is also very important for your overall well-being, according to Psychology Today.

Feed your Body

When you visit a new city or place, you don’t usually spend all your time at your hotel even if it’s an all-inclusive at Playa del Carmen, for example. You swim, walk, cycle, boogie board, and explore the fascinating areas around you. Your body will most definitely get a good workout! And if you decide to relax in the sun (with sunscreen of course), you will at least get a good dose of vitamin D.

time for Rejuvenation

A Time for Rejuvenation

There is a saying that “Adventure may hurt you but monotony will kill you.” In a recent survey in Britain, 40% of British people are currently bored with their daily lives, and anywhere from 30% to 90% of Americans report feeling bored at least once throughout the day. Boredom can lead to depression and many other negative consequences. Traveling can help you get out of this monotony and reduce feelings of boredom.

So next time you are starting to feel burned out, stressed, or bored with your daily routine why not consider a trip? It not only brings about wonderful experiences but also could improve your health. Make travel a priority to start seeing positive changes to your health.