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Should you buy an IPS Monitor for gaming?

Buying a good monitor is the second most important thing in your gaming rig after the GPU. It is really useless if you buy a super pc with high end components and have a bad monitor, you would not truly take full advantage of that rig. It’s also very important to choose the right monitor as there are different types and they all have their benefits. The most popular monitors out there are the IPS monitors which offer amazing experience.
So, should you buy IPS monitor for gaming?
The answer is, it all depends of what kind of games are you playing and what you value most in those games.
Usually IPS monitors are bought by people that watch movies most of the times or do editing or use Photoshop, the IPS monitors can certainly help with those tasks.
IPS monitors are usually with 4-5 ms response time so if you want that kind of monitor for gaming you first must ask yourself what do you value more? Better visualization of the surroundings in the games or better response time? The difference is not really noticeable with human eye but it can definitely help in games.
For example, if you play FPS games then you would benefit from a 1ms response time monitor rather then 4ms IPS. But, if you play any other games and you want excellent view of the surroundings in the game then you would definitely benefit more from an IPS monitor.
In general people like more IPS monitors even for fps games because you gain a lot and you lose only a few ms so if you are not crazy competitive gamer then IPS is the way to go, you will definitely enjoy it more and have a great gaming experience.