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Best Video Editing Apps If You Have Little Video Editing Skills

No matter if you’re starting your own YouTube channel or you’re running a small business, videos have become a vital part of marketing and expressing yourself. And since just about everyone is trying to reach out to as many people as possible, it became really hard to stand out. Just a decade ago, a half-done video with interesting content was enough, but today, the demand is much greater and the minimum you have to do is have a decent video quality.

Since not everyone has high video editing skills or money to afford a professional editor, you need to find an alternative. Fortunately, there are many video editing apps that are user-friendly and enable even inexperienced users to create professional-like videos. To make the choice a bit easier for you, we decided to list some video editing apps and features that really make them stand out for amateurs.

Videoshop – The Beginner’s Go-To App

The main advantage of Videoshop is its overall design. The app is designed to be intuitive and user-friendly. From the second we started the app, it was super clear where is what. Naturally, you need to have the basic knowledge of things like editing terminology so you know feature does what. But if you have that in the bag, it’s super easy to play with the editing and get the results you want. You can do all the basics like video merging, adding filters and even slow-motion the video if you need with just a couple of taps.

Keep in mind this one isn’t for professionals. The app was created with people who have next to none experience and for those people, this app will do wonders. But if you need more advanced features that are often necessary in movie editing, for example, there are other apps like Final Cut or Adobe Premiere.

Reverse Movie FX – For Adding Flare to Videos

Recently, we saw a reverse video and thought it would be interesting to try it out. Although you can do it in just about any professional video editing software, it does require some skills to do it properly. This can be too complicated for beginners, so we checked if there are any apps specialized in exactly that. To our pleasant surprise, we stumbled upon a neat list of top 10 apps for reversing videos that we’d want to share.

Best 10 Apps for Reversing Videos

Out of the top 10, the one we liked the most is called Reverse Movie FX. If you want to create a fun short reverse video, literally all you have to do is upload the video to the app and press reverse – that’s it. Depending on the length and size of your video, you can reverse them in a matter of seconds and have them instantly ready for uploading. What’s important to mention is the videos don’t lose on the quality as some software tends to give you the needed result at the expense of quality. This one keeps the quality and does the trick at the same time. As a bonus feature, you can even add some high-pumped music to make it even more interesting.

Keep in mind, the app specializes in this one effect so you won’t be able to do more than reversing. But that’s also what makes the app great. If you need specifically that effect, you won’t have to spend hours figuring out how to do it. Instead, you can be over in 10 minutes and saves yourself time and effort.

KineMaster – The Perfect Middle

KineMaster is the weird one in the bunch because it doesn’t completely fall either in the amateur or professional category – instead, it’s somewhere in the middle. And this is in no way a bad thing, quite the contrary. The app sports all the features even professionals will be grateful for like adding multiple layers, blending videos and even adjusting transitions or chroma key. At the same time, all of that is wrapped in a neat, user-friendly package so that even total beginners can use and learn simultaneously. It’s a great “transition app” between completely basic ones and highly professional software as instead of limiting your options, it presents them in an intuitive way so you feel your skills are improving as you’re editing your videos.

One thing we noticed is sometimes when you export a video, the app might shut down. The quick fix is to make sure you save after you do final editing so in case of the issue, you can simply turn the app back on and try again without losing your hard work. It doesn’t happen often, it happened only once and we’re sure this will be fixed in one of the future updates, but for now, just make sure you save and you’ll be golden.


So there you go. If you’re a total beginner in the video editing department, these apps can be your stepping stone towards making professional videos. It’s definitely better to start with something more simply and slowly progress towards more complex and professional software since the later can easily overwhelm you if you don’t know what you’re doing.

We sincerely hope the apps will help you out and save you headaches and wasted hours so you can get the right results while spending as little time as possible doing it. Good luck!