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4 Key Trends That Are Shaping the UAE Telecom Market

4 Key Trends That Are Shaping the UAE Telecom Market

Mobile has become indispensable and pervasive over the years, with more and more consumers worldwide embracing its full potential. The evolution of the smartphone inspires more people to use it daily, both for different aspects of personal and business use.

Furthermore, today’s latest mobile gadgets are not just designed for easing communication, but also for providing all kinds of entertainment, enabling different methods of research, and many other valued functions.

Here are four key trends currently shaping the telecom market in the UAE.

1. 4G/LTE is fueling today’s smartphones.

With the rise of 4G/LTE, Wi-Fi is no longer the only option when it comes to going online. It allows consumers to get connected to the online world anytime and anywhere. Moreover, 4G enabled wearables like smartwatches are now becoming popular among consumers.

With a lot of people in the Middle East and around the world sharing more content like photos and videos today, an increasing number of network providers offer phone plans that include mobile data in different amounts. And with the increasing number of mobile users using 4G/LTE heavily, carriers like Zain are now offering unlimited data packages. This way, consumers don’t have to worry about hefty overage costs once they go beyond their monthly allowable bytes.

2. More users are experiencing increased attachment to their smartphones

Over one-third of mobile users around the world admit that they check their phones immediately upon waking up in the morning. Also, many open up and fiddle with their phones at least 50 times a day. It is expected that smartphone dependence is more likely to increase because more features are being integrated regularly.

Mobile distraction is now common, even while eating at home or in a restaurant with family and friends, while watching movies, and while working. Some users even admit that they are using their smartphone at the cinema and while on the road, which are dangerous habits. Top activities of mobile users include checking and replying to emails, texting, and updating social media.

Another sign that people today are getting more addicted to using their mobile devices is the fear and discomfort they say they experience whenever they can’t access their phones. Most people admit that they can’t do without their smartphones for more than a day, while others admit that they can’t go for over an hour or two.

Furthermore, mobile interaction has taken a toll on people’s social life because most of them are calling or texting people on social media instead of interacting personally with them.

Smartphone addiction is inevitable in today’s digital age. Still, some users are taking steps to limit their mobile usage. These include limiting the number of apps installed, putting their phones on silent mode, and keeping their phones out of reach to limit distraction.

3. Security remains a huge concern among mobile users.

Most mobile users today do not feel totally secure about privacy. Some consumers claim that they may have unintentionally shared some of their personal information with the online world, while others say their social media accounts have gotten hacked before, and their phones ruined by viruses. And this has triggered the introduction of antivirus and phone security solutions.

4. Smartphones are getting smarter.

Smartphones nowadays are not bulky anymore. Instead, they are smaller, slimmer, and easier to carry around. The screen has become crystal clear, allowing users to see images and videos with ease and pleasure. Also, cameras in some phones included in smartphone offers lineup have become as powerful as DSLR cams. And with the introduction of digital assistants like the Google Assistant, users can now use their phones as their personal assistants to help them with their day-to-day tasks.

Other new developments in today’s smartphones are their fast charging capabilities and additional storage. Manufacturers are creating implements to replace the usual ports in Android gadgets that can charge in minutes and connect these to HD displays and headphones. Moreover, the maximum capacity for internal storage is expected to increase from 256GB to 1TB, giving users more room for their photos, videos, and other essential files.

New trends are continuously shaking up the telecom market in the UAE and worldwide. But whatever these trends are, one thing is for sure: The digital age allows users to boost their efficiency and productivity while making their lives easier and more convenient.


Al-moottil P Antony is a C-Suite Executive Support Professional for Zain, a leading mobile and data services operator with a commercial footprint in 8 Middle Eastern and African countries.

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