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amazon package not delivered usps

What should you do if your Amazon package shows up as delivered by USPS, but you never got it?

Many of us have been there. A package ordered on Amazon shows up as delivered by USPS, but we’ve never actually received it. So what can you do?

Step 1: Contact Amazon

First of all, if you ever find yourself in this kind of situation, you should immediately contact Amazon and explain the problem to them. The sooner you contact them the better. To contact them just go to Amazon and then navigate to the Help page (it’s at the bottom of the website), hover over “Need more help?” and click on “Contact us”. You can’t do this via Returns/Refunds in your account so this is the only way to contact them. Before contacting them you will be given a form to fill out and then the customer service team will take care of you. Something I find very helpful is their chat support, it’s really great. Explain to Amazon the problem you are having and they will help you track your order and what happened to it.

amazon package not delivered usps

Step 2: Contact USPS and your local post office

Your package might be stolen or delivered to the wrong place so it’s best to figure it out what happened as soon as you can. Furthermore, you can also contact USPS or your local post office and see if they have any more information about your package. In my experience, they have always been very helpful.

Step 3: Look around your house!

The package may have been misplaced somewhere in your yard or around the house. The wind may have blown it away if it’s something more lightweight. So look around, you may find your package.

What’s your experience?

Has this ever happened to you? How did you take care of it? Did you get your package? Share your experience below!