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skating budgie

This Skater Budgie Got Photoshopped and It’s The Funniest Thing You’ll Ever See

A recent Photoshop Battle with a cute little Skating Budgie, where Reddit users try to Photoshop this Budgie into funny situations! From the /r/PhotoshopBattles subreddit, where people Photoshop something into random pictures and funny situations, a skater Budgie got his well-deserved attention. All in good fun.

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This time, this cute little Skating Budgie had the honor of being the main attractions in PhotoshopBattles.

skating budgie
Original Photo

And, of course, hilarity ensues. Here are the top10 Photoshopped skating budgie pictures from the reddit thread:

1. The Surfing Bird Wallpaper

surfing bird skater wallpaper
by _korbendallas_

2. Trickster Budgie

budgie skating trick
by 2Thebreezes

3. Red Budgie – Gives You Wings

budgie red bull
by T-Car

4. Birb Hockey

budgie hockey
by Dudeski021

5. Polly’s Favorite Skate (Water) Park

budgie skate park
by 360flopper

6. Pro Skater Budgie Is Even Better Than Tony Hawk

tony hawk budgie skater
by typical_trope

7. (Line)Dancing Budgie Gets All The Ladies

budgie doing linedance
by T-Car

8. There’s No Place Skater Budgie Can’t Skate

skater budgie trump
by stillcore

9. My Favorite Character When I Play This Game

budgie skater player
by PhatGab

10. Skater Crew “Paws n Pecks”

paws and pecks crew
by timmy16744


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