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How to Control Pet Hair in Your Home

How to Control Pet Hair in Your Home

Did you know that around 85 million American families own pets? If your household is part of this statistic, then there’s a very good chance you’ve got more than 1 pet as well!
Whether you’ve got several fur babies or you’ve got just 1 particularly fluffy one, you might have pet hair everywhere in your house. Understandably, you’re frustrated.
So how can you keep your home from looking like it’s been taken over by your furry friends? Read on to find out!

Brush Your Pets Regularly

If you don’t already brush your pet‘s fur, you’ll want to start pronto. Brushing them will control how much pet hair is in your house since you’ll get it all on the brush instead of it floating around.
Not only will this help with things like dog shedding, but it’ll also keep your fur baby’s coat nice and shiny!

Give Your Pets the Right Food

Have you noticed that when you eat certain foods, your skin and hair become either better or worse off? The same thing happens to our four-legged friends!
You might want to consult with the vet first before you switch up your pets’ diets. However, in general, feeding dogs a fatty acid supplement can improve their coat and help with shedding.

Give Your Pets Baths

Bathing can also help with shedding, especially in the summertime.
Make sure you use gentle products as well. For example, an oatmeal shampoo can be great for your dog’s skin and coat!

Be Proactive About Fleas

If your pets get fleas, this can cause them to scratch more. And when they scratch more, lots of cat and dog hair will fall in your house.
Speak to your vet about flea prevention methods so you don’t get an infestation on your hands.

Vacuum Often

You should be vacuuming on a regular basis to control the amount of dust, debris, and allergens in your house. This should help you control pet hair too.
When your pets are shedding, make sure you bump up the frequency to match it!
While you’re at it, practice regular pet odor removal too. Simply spray a bio-enzymatic cleaner on your carpet after you vacuum to keep your house looking and smelling fresh!

Use a Tape Roller on Surfaces

Even with all the above tips, it’s inevitable that your pets will shed. When they do, use a tape roller on these surfaces immediately. This will keep everything looking spotless and will make cleaning a pet-friendly home easy!

Get Rid of Pet Hair in Your Home With Our Advice

Pet hair can be annoying to deal with. But short of getting rid of pets in the house, it’s inevitable that some of your stuff will get covered.
However, with our tips, you’re on your way to keeping a clean home, free of fur!
If you’re looking for other tools for cleaning your home, or just other information on health and wellness, make sure to read our other blog posts now!