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What to Watch After Whose Line Is It Anyway?

When you’re done watching all the Whose Line Is It Anyway episodes you can, you’ll likely want more. So these are all the alternatives, bonus stuff, and other shows like Whose Line Is It Anyway you can watch.

WLIIA Bonus Content

If you buy the DVDs, you’ll get bonus content like deleted scenes, bloopers, extended cuts. Most of this bonus content is already available on their official website and YouTube.

The original (UK) WLIIA

The US version is based on the UK version of WLLA – so go ahead and watch the UK version. Colin and Ryan star in some episodes too. Other guest stars that appeared in the US version appear in the UK version too.


It’s the Drew Carey’s show that includes all the stars from the US version of WLIIA plus other comedians that do great improv. Even if you haven’t watched WLIIA, you still need to watch Drew Carey’s Improv-A-Ganza.

The Green Screen Show

Loved the Green Screen bits on WLIIA? Then you definitely need to watch Drew Carey’s Green Screen Show

Trust Us with Your Life

Another improv classic and a must-watch. You know all the improv games from other shows like WLIIA, and you know most of the comedians and guest stars.

Rewatch old episodes!

I bet you won’t remember most of the jokes and bits. Just rewatch old episodes and they’re as good as new. You can never get enough of Whose Line Is It Anyway…anyway.

Catch up on new episodes

Did you know WLIIA is still airing with new episodes on CW? The current host is Aisha Tyler. They kept all the old games and cast.

Anything else we missed? Leave a comment below!

I bet there are other great improv shows we can all watch. If you know any, do share them in the comments below.