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8 girls, a minibus, a driver and a no-holds barred hen night.

It’s amazing to know what you can get up to once you leave the kids and the other half at home and head-off to enjoy the night with one of your girlfriends who is about to take the plunge into marriage. As we get older, the mischievousness that we got up to in our younger years seems to vanish. But it does come out on the odd occasion.

Now the standard hens night usually involves some sort of drinking and parading. And that should still continue. But there is usually the stay at the hotel, home or spa. Why not opt for an experience-hopping hen do by hiring a driver and a minivan for the day. Sounds a little crazy right? But I assure you that you will be able to pack many more activities into your day. Here’s how.

Your own personal chauffeur for club and bar hopping.

Now, this obviously depends on where you are based in the world. If you are based in a city where the bars are quite far to get to, the last thing you want to be doing is jumping in different cabs every time and racking up an expensive bill. Instead, opt for a driver for the day who will be waiting for you and will take you on wherever you want to go to.

Have the driver take you to scenic nature spots.

Take in the fresh air of the countryside and enjoy the scenic views that the driver takes you to. You girls can go for a walk, have a picnic with some drinks and just take in each other’s company. Then decide to go home when you are ready.

Have the driver give you a mini road trip.

Another option is to make a complete day of it by visiting spots as a part of a day-long road trip. For example, you may start at your accommodation and then drive up the coastline listening to your favourite tunes and doing a sing-along. Then stop off at a cafe or for lunch. Then make the second part of the trip fun and games or gossip in the vehicle. Just make sure that the driver isn’t someone that you know.

Where can you hire a minivan?

Best thing to do is to use Car Rental Buddy, who do car hire comparisons worldwide. That way, you can find an option in your city. It shouldn’t cost more than $300 for the day, which is less than $40 per person for the day. Not bad for a full day out of travelling right?

Before you book your hen do?

Take a look at some of the activities on offer from For Every Hen. There are all sorts of activities such as kayaking, arts, food and wine and even dance. So have a browse and see what kind of activities might interest your hen group.

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